Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Kitchen Remodel: Phase 7

Phase seven!?  Good lord, this is taking forever.

So, as I mentioned last week, The Dad had Friday off.  He was able to get the extension of the soffit over the sink framed in, as well as the vent for the heat duct.

We also had our plumber friend come over and do a walk through, to see what needs to be done. The plan was for him to come back next weekend and help run all the new plumbing.  Things change...see below in this post.

Plumbers also run gas lines, which we planned on doing for the new range.  BUT, we discovered a gas line coming in behind our old stove a few weeks ago.  SO EXCITING!!!  So he'll shut the gas off at the main and test it for us to make sure it's up and running.  And safe.  But that discovery was awesome.  Saves time and money.  Both of which we're greatly lacking in.

Saturday, the lower cabinets got ripped off of the oven wall.  He also removed all the lath and plaster that was behind them.  I know, STILL not done with the lath and plaster nightmare. It's never-ending.

Look how pretty the original fir floor is where no glue or tar paper or water touched it.

So this is where we were at as of Saturday night.
Potatoes on the counter and all.
Yes, I'm still cooking in there.

It's so funny how she always wants to be in there.

Back at it Sunday.
So far, we hadn't had to make a single dump run.
The Dad has been dumping plaster by the bucket full in his work dumpster.
With permission, of course.
We've been burning the lath in the fire pit.
Most of the cabinetry has been taken apart and also hauled to the work dumpster.
We saved all the cupboard doors, 'cause it's thick, nice wood.
The rest has been piled in the driveway.
So Sunday, we borrowed my BIL's trailer.
The Dad ripped out the last of the cabinetry, which just so happened to be the sink base cabinet.
No more sink.

Once we got all that opened up, we could finally get a good view of how much water damage was really done to the inside of the wall.
Take a gander at what started this whole gut in the first place.

The black plastic pipe is where we did the temporary fix.
The whole section of galvanized waste line, that we cut out, was full of holes.
And this is what a slow leak does to your wall studs and sheeting.

Okay, so once the sink cabinet was out, we started in on the floor.
We needed to get to the subfloor to see the damage there.

Kitchen is officially 100% gutted.

And floor is exposed.
No bueno.
The worst of it was under the sink cabinet and out into the room on the left.

The black staining is where the water leaked.

But hey, the view out the window is still the same.  :)

Next, cut out the subfloor to get a damage report on the floor joists.

So, as you can see, the one closest to the wall and then three more into the room are toast.

Sooooo, clearly several of the floor joists have extensive damage.
Which means more repairs.
That's where we left off on Sunday.
The Dad also had Monday off.
We had our plumber friend come back to cut out the old plumbing in the wall so we could get the rotted studs out.

He got that done and left to get supplies for the rest of the room.
The Dad ran the full load to the dump and picked up supplies at Home Depot to fix the floor joists.
They worked together pretty much the rest of the day, fixing the framing in the floor, at the base of the sink wall, and running all new plumbing.
Woot, woot.

I didn't get pictures of the floor repairs 'cause he dropped a piece of plywood over it to prevent any accidental broken necks today while he's at work.
I would be the one to fall in, 'cause that's how I roll.

Anywho, they worked super late, so we fed his family pizza, they went home, and we went to bed.
 The mess stayed as-is.
I can't live like that, so I got up this morning and cleaned up and reorganized.
Here's where we're at today.

Check out the new plumbing.
Well, the parts you can see anyway.
Including a water line for the new fridge!

I got my "counter" back up and running, since the stove is still usable.

Yes, that's a bouquet.
If I have fresh flowers in the middle of the disaster, it makes me feel better.
And keeps me off the edge of insanity.

See, now that didn't that make you feel better about clicking over and staring at crappy ass contruction photos for what felt like days?
Try staring at it for 8 weeks!
Here's a couple more for ya.
And me.

Phew, that was a long-ass post.
That's what happens when I'm tryin' to cram in four days worth of progress.
Back at it this weekend.

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  1. I am so glad you were able to get at that water damage! Boy is it toast for sure! The progress is fantastic lady! I think when the plumbing lines and stuff starts going in it starts to feel more real! And do I ever love your bouquet in the middle of the construction...it does make things feel more soothing! Isn't that funny how flowers do that!?! Maybe everyone should keep fresh flowers with them at all times and the world would be a happier place! Good stuff...you are almost there!!! And when you are done I will have a drink to celebrate!!!

  2. Boy oh boy, thats one big project you have there. But one of those things that has to be fixed! Love the bouquets in the middle of the mess. It gives the construction site a touch of class! lol.. Hope your project moves along fast!

  3. Mindy- You poor, poor girl. I can feel your pain and have lived through it several times! Love the bouquet-it's those little things that keep you going sometimes- What a big job there- xo Diana

  4. I was following along all interested and nodding my head when you said you had to clean up and organize the next morning,...and then I nearly peed my pants when I saw the fresh flowers. You are a nut, lol. Of course now if I have to live through anything similar, I will be insisting on fresh cut flowers to save my sanity. Love it!!

  5. I honestly love the "raw wall" look. It looks like a kitchen in Denmark that they'd post on Design*Sponge. I know the rustic nature of the walls isn't helping you get back in the kitchen though, so I won't try to convince you to leave it as is. :)

  6. It's comin' right along. And you have the satisfaction of knowing it's been done right.
    Hang in there!

  7. I read a comment you had left on another blog and when I read about your kitchen torn up for 8 weeks with a family I had to click over! What an unbelievable thing to go through! I just had to say bless your heart, you are a saint! I am a new follower now! Just giving you a little on-line support!


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