Thursday, August 1, 2013

Baby: 18 months

Explain to me how it's possible that she's 18 months already.  Please. Anyone.  How did this happen?  I swear I was just cradling a weensy five-pound little nugget.  Oh my gosh, she was so small.  And now....she's a little spitfire.  She's definitely learning how to pull her own weight with two older siblings.  And she's already picked up on the fact that the third child pretty much gets whatever they want.  The stereotype is true.  But she's still so sweet.  And so cuddly.  And my favorite one-and-a-half-year-old in the world.

And yes, she's rockin' her mommy's old clothes.


  1. Look at Baby! She is just adorable-xo Diana

  2. That is the cutest outfit EVER! How wonderful that your mom saved that! It is adorable and she is just so beautiful friend! I am crying as I type this because I am having some last baby syndrome myself today. Wish we could slow the clock down just a tad! Such a great post! You are a blessed mama!

  3. And so adorable! Love her bare feet!

  4. So cute. I don't have one outfit from when I was baby :(

  5. If only you had a picture or two to commemorate the occasion. ;) A little doll.

  6. Mindy, she is just lovely and your red romper outfit is adorable.

  7. Mindy,
    Your little one is precious-I love her determination to get up on that bench! Perseverance always pays off! Darling outfit too!
    Happy Hugs,
    Happy to be following your blog:)

  8. She's ADORABLE!!! When mine were little, my Mom used to say, "Enjoy these days because they go by so fast." And they sure did!
    Mary Alice

  9. Why does she just keep growing??? She's so precious!!!


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