Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Second Week Of August In The Garden

I know, I skipped the first week, but it was only three days long, so we'll combine the two.

Remember that packet of zinnias I started early this spring?  They were doing so awesome.  Then I transplanted all of them to 6-cell pots.  And then the slugs proceeded to mow them down.  I hate slugs.  I mangaged to salvage a few, but it took them a long time to recover.  I finally got my first flower last week.

I planted some of the 'Vanilla' marigolds again this year, since they did so well last year.

I'm diggin' this variegated geranium right now.

Here are a couple of the standard coleus that actually did something for me this year.

The giant 'David' phlox is blooming now.
It had been in the same spot for years and just wasn't gettin' enough sun, so I moved it this spring.
I think he's happy.

The Dad brought home this lobelia last year.

Some tardy sweet peas that I started from seed just now have their first flowers.

I'll never remember the name of this clematis.
I always have to look it up and I'm too lazy right now.
Anyway, it's blooming again.

All the window boxes in the back are goin' strong.
So far, I've gotten lucky with the impatiens' creepin' crud that's goin' around.
I've only lost a few.
My mom said all of hers are dying.

I'll probably never buy the flats of mixed colors again.
I'm a pinks and purples girl, and this year I got mostly reds and oranges.
 Wouldn't have been my first choice.

The tree is blooming, and dropping flowers, like crazy.
If I didn't love the shape of it so much, I'd chop that sucker down.

This is the bed that, as I was sayin' the other day, I'll probably revamp next year.

And here's a different angle of the yard, from standing in front of the shed.

Ah, the hydrangea.

And last, another angle, looking out from the shed.

Don't mind the dead flamingo in the pathway.
It was a humane death.
If you call being separated from his legs, humane.

The Dad has the day off again today.
Electrical is happening.
We're getting cloooooser.

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  1. I can't believe how many amazing plants you have in your garden!! I have a very short list of what is blooming in my garden right now ~ one dahlia, three or four roses, three fuchsias and a japanese anemone. But I have been working hard this summer trying to turn things around. All of your flowers and plants are so beautiful. I like the vanilla marigolds much more than the orange ones.

  2. LOL- Poor, poor flamingo. I hope the amputee can find some new legs. David (phlox) looks very happy after his major transplant. This is beginning to sound like a medical Anyway-your gardens are looking just beautiful all the way around- xo Diana oh-yeah-the zinnias are GREAT

  3. It's all so gorgeous! I love your window boxes! How do you get a palm tree to grow in Portland! I just love it!

  4. You are getting closer!!! YEAH!!!! Ok I need that giant Phlox..seriously! I love that in the round shot of your garden with the hydrangea in the foreground! Your your is stunning! Simply stunning!!!!!!! And I killed my zinnias that I was growing from seed...threw them out the door when the house flooded...better luck next year. Peace!!! Want to see that kitchen!!!

  5. The phlox is beautiful! He must have been happy with the move. I was going to order some vanilla marigolds this year but didn't darn it Pretty zinnias!

  6. Beautiful! My zinnias are okay, but this is the second year I have a wierd little black aphid-type bug on my nasturiums, of all the easy to grow plants, that if left on the leaves will wipe the plant out. I keep going out and picking the leaves that are affected and throwing them away in the trash, but what pain. The hummingbirds love the nasturiums, though, so I try to grow some for them. The flowers you gave me are blooming now and so pretty--thanks again!

  7. That flamingo makes me smile :D I want to plant hydrangea soooo bad! Yours are a gorgeous color.


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