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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Bouquets

One of the best parts of having a garden is bringing flowers into every room of the house for free.  I refreshed all of them yesterday, and decided to snap some pics.

Oregano, Thai Basil, White Anemone, 'Black & Blue' Salvia, and White Salvia

Now you see her... you don't.

Blue Hydrangea

'Limelight' Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea

'Knock-Out' Tree Rose


'Knock-Out' Tree Rose

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

And one of these days, I'll post pictures of the whole hallway, but until then, here's a peek at my wall of flowers.

Bring in a flower, or even a branch, and stick it in something that holds water.
It'll cure what ails ya.

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  1. So, if I was your neighbor you'd probably find me hoping your fence and snagging flowers to bring in my house. Just warning ya ;)

  2. Your bouquets are stunning! Just stunning! Though I also like your singular flowers as well in those pretty wall mounted vases! You are an artist! The greens, the purples, the whites! at its finest!

  3. Love your wall of flowers there. That is awesome. I never would have thought to bring in those little black eyed susans. And I love the first bouquet with the herbs... just gorgeous!

  4. Lucky you... they are gorgeous!

  5. Very pretty bouquets. I love to pick my flowers and bring them in too.

  6. A woman after my own heart :) I did a post awhile back about bouquets and then when we had a family get together over the weekend two of the ladies went home with bouquets. I have a black eyed susan vine too! :) Mine is orange...don't you just love them !!

    I just LOVE your vase on the wall with the different flowers...that is so creative and I've not seen one like that before! :)


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