Monday, August 12, 2013

A Stormy Sunset

Two days in a row, we had severe storm warnings come in over the Emergency Broadcast System.  I was prayin' for that rain.  All we got was a drizzle.  But the skies both days made for fun picture taking.

I wish I knew how to make my camera convey what it looked like in person.
As the sky got brighter with colors, my photos got more washed out.
In real life, it was as if the flowers were glowing.
Like this.

It was so pretty.
Now, I'll still take some of the rain they've been threatening.

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  1. Love the lights on the "trellis" "gazebo-like" structure. (For goodness sakes, what do you call that thing!?) Your garden is gorgeous! You sure do have a green thumb!

  2. I wish I could share some of our rain... we had over an inch this evening, and well over twenty inches since June 1st! I am totally over it!!!

  3. I love the sky you are describing. It makes everything pop with such vibrant colors. We need some rain around here. The gardens getting mighty dry!

  4. I want to eat those hydrangeas, they're so pretty. They look like ice cream cones!

  5. Good picture taking indeed! Your limelight is insane!!! I was hoping for some rain too but nothing here either! Loving your color sister!!!

  6. I wasn't sure I wanted rain. My tomatoes always split. But there were some lovely skies this weekend.

  7. I love when the sky does that. Makes everything look like it's out of a dream :)


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