Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby Belly: 36 Weeks

Yep, I'm still here.  Busily working away on projects. 

The Shared Room is pretty much done - just a couple more things to cross off the list.  Then I can get some pictures taken.  The Kid is in there as of last weekend, so I've been working on his old room, aka, The Baby's room.  And by working on it I mean, sitting on the floor in there with piles of fabric and other things I already own, trying to commit to a plan without spending any money.  I took belly pictures in there today because it gets so much more natural light than The Dungeon

A quick update on Baby...I had my pre-op appointment with the surgeon yesterday.  He's the same doctor who delivered both The Kid and The Girl.  He ordered an ultrasound while I was there to rule out some things he was concerned about, based on me measuring smaller than I should be.  I got right in for that, but it was a looong 20 minutes from my conversation with him to the end of the ultrasound.  The possibility of bed rest for a week was thrown out there, as well as possibly delivering Baby right away.  Neither of which was I even remotely excited about.  Thankfully, the ultrasound ruled out all the things he was concerned about.  Baby measures just a few days shy of my due date and, as of yesterday, is 5 pounds 10 ounces.  At an expected 1/2 pound weight gain per week, the little critter will be pretty much the same size as the first two when they were born.  The reason I started measuring under where I should be is because of the way Baby is sitting in my belly.  The little critter is all tucked down between my hips, just snuggled in.  The Dad was at the appointment with me and we got to see some pretty cool shots while the girl was doing the ultrasound.  Quite a bit different from my 18 week ultrasound!  Crazy baby was puttin' on a show for us.  And yes, we looked away when there was the possibility of a gender reveal.  No cheating this close to the end!

So anyway, the surgeon threw a couple dates out there for the c-section, but he'll discuss them with my doctor first to make sure their schedules coincide.  We're still lookin' at the first week of February.  I'll know for sure next Friday when I see my doctor.  The Dad made sure to remind me that Super Bowl Sunday is that week.  lol  We wouldn't want to interrupt THAT with giving birth now would we!?

Okay, here we go...Baby at 36 weeks:

And no, I did not get dressed up for these pictures.
Check out my socks.

Couple more before I go back to the piles:

Yay, it's Friday!!!!
Have a good weekend!


  1. You are so cute! I wish I had been that cute when I was pregnant with my two. Good luck on these last few weeks and thank goodness for no bed rest, that would drive me crazy!!

  2. Oh my cuteness! I measured small for Anna and they delivered me one week early. She was a 5 pounder, too.

  3. You still look so fabulous. If I didn't love you, I might not like you. (I think we have the same waist right now, lol).

  4. Maybe SHE will stay snuggled up in there a little bit longer so you can finish her room, lol.

  5. Wow! Baby has grown since the week 35 pics! 36 weeks. Geez. That babe is going to be here before you know it.


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