Monday, January 16, 2012

What's In A Name?

Well, it's official.  We're having a baby.  Okay, I suppose it was official before, but now it's really official.  It's on the calendar.  My surgeon just called and confirmed a date.  February 1st.  Holy crap, we're having a baby.

Soooo, we're the couple that doesn't name their baby until the last day we're in the hospital.  For The Kid, we had a few girl names picked out, but clearly that didn't work out.  For The Girl, we really didn't have anything in mind.  I think it's harder when you don't know what you're having.  Although, we've never known what we were having, so maybe I'm just using that as an excuse.  I don't know, I think you need to have a look-see before you put a name tag on it, no?  Kinda like a pet.  You live with it for a few days before you can see what name fits.

Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

That being said, we should probably go in with SOME sort of an idea.  Sooooooo, it's your lucky day.  You get to name our baby.  Okay, not really, but I'd love to hear some of your favorites.  And you never know - we just might go with it!

I should probably tell you the names of our first two.  Just in case The Kid and The Girl are all you've heard me call them.  The Kid is Carter, middle name Dickson after Daddy.  The Girl is Emma, middle name Rae after Mommy.  So we've got Carter Dickson and Emma Rae.  You're up.  Throw 'em at me.  No name left unturned.  List all your faves.  We'll see if we can get Baby #3 named before they're throwin' us out of the hospital. 


  1. When I was pregnant with our 4th, our # 3 daughter who was 4 at the time, wanted to name the baby "Pretty Flowers All Around on Bushes". We in fact named her Juniper Cree, and call her Cree -- not decided on until the birth. Of our 4 girls, only #3 has a name that can be found on pre-made bike license plates and such. I always liked the name Rowan (good for girl or boy) -- but it makes kind of a tongue twister with my kids' last name. I know you will figure out just the right name for your #3!

  2. I have always loved the name 'Kate' (think Kate Middleton). However, my husband and I both have a Katie in each family and thought it was too similar. I love my son's name, Chase, which also happens to be my maiden name. Our other choices were Mason or Will (short for William). Ooh, we could have had a William and a Kate - sweet. Good luck! I can't wait to see pics, and find out the name and the sex!!!

  3. Oh this is fun. Let's see:

    Boys: Will (I agree with Crystal apparently), Aaron, Andrew,
    Girls: Sophie, and Claire

    Can't wait to see what you end up picking.

  4. Oh, you just made my day! I've got our next 5 children named and we're not having any more! So, I'll just share some of them with you and then maybe your sweet little one will like one of them in the hospital. Girl names: Audrey Jean (it's my Mom's middle name), Anne Elizabeth, Lucy, Sadie, Molly
    Boy names: Luke Henry (it's Chris' dad's middle name), Jake, Will, Jack, Matthew
    P.S. I LOVE both of your kids' names. Great choices on the first two go-arounds!

  5. family names .. so they know who they belong to

  6. Yay! I love baby names :) Here's my picks:

    Girl: Ellie, Claire, Elyse, Bella
    Boy: Will, Luke, Michael, Chase

    Feb 1st is like, tomorrow, isn't it? Wow, SHE could be here any minute...I'm freaking out for you :)

  7. Ooops, that 'Bella' should be 'Belle'.

  8. I'm in agreement on Claire, too. My friend has a little girl named Emerson Claire, they call her Emmie Claire, and I think it is so cute.

  9. I like Lexi and Josephine shortened to Josie for a girl and Mason or Quinn for a boy.

    My grandkids are all born already - we have Grace and Thomas (the IV th - YIKES) and Jack,
    Karrick and Emma!

    I know you will get this figured out just fine and if you have to wait to see the baby - so be it!

  10. My 1st gals name is Emma Mae, kinda like urs ;) we named #2 Savannah Charlotte... I also loved lily, kieralyn, Ashlyn, mcKenna, mackinlee, Cali, the list goes on and on! Boys? Riley, Joshua, Reese, Colton, Tyler...

  11. One of my friends is having a twins and she's been posting on FB possible of them is Eden Grace. I think that it's really pretty!

  12. We are like you. We never named our babies until we saw them. It's to hard you have to see them first. And I gotta say I HATE picking out my kids names. SOOOOOO much pressure. Here are a few that I loved and my hubs didn't. Lilly, Claire, Grace, Sophie, Michale, Mathew, Hunter. My favorite of my own kids are Oakley Maurice (named for both great grandfathers) #3 and Charlotte Lou or Lotte Lou #5(Lou is a family name on both sides of my family). Now that I have written a novel good luck on naming your baby. And with the delivery and recovery. Can't wait to see your bundle of joy.

  13. My birthday is Feb 1st - it's a great birthday!
    I have Alex Mason, Andrew Connor, & Caroline Grace

    Boys: Cooper, Luke, James, Carson, Evan, Oliver, Nate, Nicholas, Eli, Henry, Jack,
    Girls: Jenny, Kate, Eloise, Ava, Lucy, Amelia, Leah

    So much fun - love love love this game - hope we get to play it when you have #4 :)

    Good luck - can't wait to see what you choose

  14. Wow - Feb 1st - that's coming up soon. OK I probably didn't need to tell you that! So, first off high 5 sister for not finding out what sex the baby is. It should be a surprise for all of your hard work the last 9 months. So for names.....

    Girls: Olivia, Ava, Alden, Eden
    Boys: Hmmm... how about Hammish - I lOVE that name but it probably only works in Scotland :)

    As for middle names, go with a family name. It's a wonderful link to their past as they go on to represent the future.

    Congrats and we all can't wait to see Baby #3!!!!!

  15. I found where the name suggestions are! I see that lots of people like the same names.
    I'm looking here because my daughter is also searching names.
    I love:
    for a girl: Addison, Kira, Eliza, Mila, Jillian, Julia, Ainsley, Scarlett, Remy, Tasci, Nela, Aria, Charlie, Phoebe,
    for a boy: Stetson, Tate, Quinn, Westin, Preston, Landon, Sterling, Logan, Rafe


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