Friday, January 20, 2012

The Baby's Room: Put A Bird On It

I drug the sewing machine out again.  You'd think I would have learned my lesson by now.  I think my problem is I always assume something will be easier than it actually is.  For me anyway.

I had a stuffed bird pattern and thought I'd whip out a few little ones to make a mobile for over the changing table.  After the first one, I knew it wasn't gonna work out.  It looked more like a bird of prey than the cute, fat little sparrow I was after.  I found this tutorial online and tried it instead.

First, I attempted to make it smaller.  After six, yes six, of them turning out looking more like dinosaurs with no feet rather than birds, I tried making it the original size.  It was getting closer.  I tweaked it a bit more and got what I wanted.  Sort of.

It was waaaay cuter in my head, but it will work.  Baby won't care that their heads are a little lumpy or that their tails are all different.  I put bells inside one, a rattle inside another, and a squeaky thing out of a dog toy that The Dog destroyed in the third.  So they all make some sort of noise to distract Baby when it I'm trying to change diapers.  :o)

I made a hoop out of wire and wrapped it with ribbon for suspending them from.

Here's Baby's, "they kind of look like birds" mobile.


  1. Ha, you're a little hard on yourself girl! They're cute! And nothing in life is perfect.

  2. I think they're cute! Baby will love them.

  3. LOL - they look like birds, you nut. I really like your fabric choice (and your ambition).

  4. Oh I love them!!! I think they look fabulous, and how stinking creative to put noise makers inside :)

  5. They're cute...and I love the fabrics you used. Green and white toile? Ahhh, be still my heart!

  6. Are you kidding me, Rindy??? They are precious and you did a great job on them. I know that baby's room is going to be sooo sweet.

  7. love those! looks like the room is coming along nicely!

  8. How clever to put the noise makers inside them! They are totally cute and look like a bird to me!


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