Friday, January 27, 2012

Warm Brie & Golden Delicious Sammie

You ever see a picture of food and NEED to recreate it asap?  It's not like I've never eaten a brie and apple sandwich before, but the picture made me want it right now.  Unfortunately, I had already eaten dinner last night when it came into my life, so I held out until lunch today.  I pinned it so I wouldn't forget.  As if.  You can see the original on my Sammie board

There really are no words necessary for the rest of this post.

That's The Mom's Fun Food Friday.


  1. Ha, I saw you pin that last night. I know you're a cheese-aholic so don't be mad at me when I say this. I've never eaten brie. But...after seeing your pics (esp. the one with the cheese dripping onto the plate, I'm going to try it. That sammie sure looks good!

  2. Looks delicious! I saw you've been busy pinning many days left before you're too tired to pin?? ;)

  3. Oh mmmmmmm,...yep that looks amazing!!


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