Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Day In The Life

I feel like I haven't done a real post in forever.  I miss it!  Soon.  Today I'm attempting to get a new meal plan together, in addition to trying to finish up the stools.  All the kids (that sounds weird) are napping, so I thought I'd get a few shots of me in action.  Without me.  Ha.

I'll take pictures of the stools once they're finished and I'll share the latest menu once I get it done.  I'm pullin' from my Pinterest boards and a couple of my cookbooks this time around.  At least the weather is nice and I can work on it outside.  Back soon.....


  1. Um, maybe you can work on a menu plan for me too. :) Please, pretty please with wine on top. See, I know you.

  2. What!? All the kids were napping at the same time. How did you get so lucky? You are a great artist and I love those stools.

  3. Yes, the weather has FINALLY turned nice, hasn't it? I'm so enjoying it. Huge kudos for your menu planning. You're such a good homemaker. I haven't visited your Pinterest site in awhile. I'm always stealing stuff from your boards. :)

    Love the stools, but you know I love all your multitude of talents.

  4. Hi Mindy: Congrats on the menu planning--I never seem to get around to it on paper, but kind of keep a running ideas list in my head. The stools are very pretty--well done! Enjoy the sun.


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