Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Ramblings + This Week's Meal Plan

I've been feeling super antsy the last couple weeks.  Like, I need some sort of project.  It just doesn't feel right unless I have something torn up or some sort of something that has the house a complete disaster.  I asked The Dad yesterday if he wanted to start ripping up the floor in the kitchen.  He just rolled his eyes.  Instead, I sat on the floor in the living room with my folder of kitchen inspiration photos.  Drooling.  And dreaming.  And demoing in my head.  Someday.

I suppose I could finish painting the board and batten in our master bedroom.  


Or do something with the computer cubby that I'm hating more and more every day.  

Source: bhg.com via Mindy on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Mindy on Pinterest

Or paint the dining room.  
I love all the greige colors that are so popular right now.

Source: google.com via Mindy on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Mindy on Pinterest

Or, I'd really like a new light for in there.  
 I'm kinda diggin' these drum shades at the moment.

Or take a sledgehammer to the wall that divides the dining room from the kitchen.  

Source: bhg.com via Mindy on Pinterest

Source: designocd.com via Mindy on Pinterest


Then move the fridge to the other wall and make it look built in.

Or paint the bare wood on the front screen door that The Dad fixed months ago.  

Or refinish the dresser I bought for $10 at the neighbor's garage sale, that's now crammed into the garage. 

Or clean the garage.  

Or, or, or.

Instead, I will finish the 40 loads of laundry, clean the disgusting master bathroom that I never even use, commit to something for dinner in case I have anything to prep, and probably head out for a walk when Baby wakes up.  The projects will have to wait.

Here's the latest menu at our house:

  • 5 Ingredient Coconut Curry
  • Burgers with Horseradish sauce, Oven Fries and Baked Beans
  • Herb and Garlic Grilled Trout with Red Potatoes and Grilled Tomatoes
  • Garlic Baked Chicken, Risotto and Chard
  • Barley & Kale Soup and Bread (had this last night and it was yummy)
  • Chicken Tagine Stew
  • Mexican Black Bean & Rice Bowls (had this already - one of my favorite meals)
  • Grilled Eggplant, Tomato & Feta Naan Pizzas and Salad

There's a couple new breakfast and dessert recipes thrown in as well.  I'll post any worth sharin'.


  1. look at all that inspiration! i say start with the sledgehammer! ;)

    Okay, after much contemplation.. Count on me for grilled egglant, tomato & feta naan pizza, and salad night. :D

  2. Yum, yum. Making me hungry (like that's a surprise, lol). When you got to the garage organization photos, my heart did a little pitter patter. Is that sick?

  3. Love all those fun photos, especially the kitchen ones!

  4. oh my!! sounds like you are very busy and have lots of plans in the wings! The sledgehammer idea sounds like a good time to me!
    How fun that you know The Columbia Gorge Hotel! thank you for your comment!

  5. What a great assortment of inspirational pictures--I like what you picked out. I just finished a project, and am feeling a little tired. The next one needs to be quick, cheap and easy, and I don't know what it will be yet!


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