Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Hydrangeas Are Blooming!

Hands down, one of my favorite plants.  They're just so dang pretty.  Which is why I couldn't stop taking pictures of them.  Ahem.  These are all from only two plants.  What?  I like them, what can I say?

This first one is in my backyard.  My brother-in-law bought it for me as a gift for my housewarming party.  In the summer of 2002.  Wow, have I really been here that long?

This one was blue when he gave it to me and has been blue every year since.
Until this year, it decided to switch it up - on just one bloom.

I love how the variation of blue on each head is completely different from the others.

The other hydrangea was here when I bought the house.
It's a lace cap, also blue.
It's next to the door in the driveway that leads to the kitchen.

So there ya have it.
I think that means it's officially summer.


  1. they look beautiful!
    i saw the most amazing hydrangeas at the store yesterday but i can never get myself to buy them because i feel like they wilt so quickly.

  2. Mmm,...I love hydrangeas too, as you know. And for the record, though I totally beat you in bloom time this year (as always), your plants and blooms are HUGE in comparison to mine. :)

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! I'm afraid my Endless Summer Hydrangeas aren't going to bloom this year. The plants are big and healthy but no flowers (as of yet...I keep hoping)! Yours look healthy and their colors are great!

  4. They are so beautiful! I would have vases filled with them all over my house. Now I really wish I had hydrangeas!

  5. Really excellent photos of your hydrangeas... truly special blooms! Larry

  6. Look at that lacecap coming into bloom--gorgeous!

  7. These are gorgeous. We just planted a pink one in the backyard and are hoping it survives the heat. Yours have such beautiful colors.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! I adore hydrangeas, the lace-cap varieties are my fave but I can't grow them here :(.

    Love your blue!



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