Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Deck

There have been a few glimpses of the backyard deck in my recent food posts, but I figured I'd do the full tour, since last year's was, and still is, such a popular post.

If you were around back then, you may remember I had our outdoor couch and chairs set up on the deck and our dining table on the patio.  Wellllll, we're having a big friggin' problem wee bit of an issue with the neighbor's tree that I won't go too much into, for fear of launching into a cussing spree.  But I will say, I don't much care for consuming dead bug carcasses or their dripping goo with my dinner, so I swapped the location of the dining table.  I have yet to sit on my patio furniture even once this season because the "issue" is so bad.  Again, I'll stop talking about it, before I go off on a rant, and will just show you the deck as it is this year.

Our neighbor gave me this old, rusty rack.
I cut down some old fence boards to make shelves for it.

So there it is.
Where I drink my cup of coffee every morning and where I can be found throughout the day.
Kid willin'.

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  1. Your deck is so lovely. How do you find time to take care of your lil darlings and do all that work to keep that deck so green and blooming?

  2. I might just water my flowers if my deck looked that amazing!!! Bummer about the tree.

  3. Looks beautiful! Perfect place to spend a summer afternoon

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  4. Mindy: What a fantastic deck--I love all the flowering containers and baskets, and how you've decorated the metal rack with shelves--very pretty. Neighbors can be very interesting sometimes--hope the sitch gets better soon.

  5. It is GORGEOUS. I may be inviting myself over again soon. :)

  6. I love it! It's just beautiful and so inviting. How do keep the flowers/plants looking so pretty?

  7. And is that a Palm Tree in one of the photos? Love those!!

  8. I love your deck. What a wonderful place to enjoy the flowers and outdoor living.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  9. Wow!i am in serious deck envy;) I don't know what neighbor issues you have, but hopefully you are still able to enjoy the space. I am working on a (way smaller) deck spruce up, and I wish I had your green thumb!! Nice job!!

  10. THAT is not a deck...that is a FAIRY TALE deck! That is a dream deck! Love it!

    And of course the fairies in the tale do all of the hard work to keep it looking so lovely ? :) Nah, methinks there is a Keeper of the Deck who deserves much kudos for creating such a lovely space...

  11. I love your deck, and the gorgeous flowers. I'm your newest follower from Thrifty Nifty. :)

  12. Charming and inviting! I love EVERYTHING!

  13. Ok, now I have deck envy although
    I also have a large deck that is
    really nice.
    It's all the wonderful blooming
    flowers you have there. I can't grow
    anything because it will not stop
    raining here and is so hot and wet.
    Oh, well, I just share yours!
    good post

  14. I enjoyed ‘the tour’ around your amazing deck! It felt like I was in a real tour at some botanical garden or park. Did you plant those flowers? Their colors are comforting and warm to the eyes, and they give life to your deck. I would definitely love having a cup of coffee in a place with an ambience like that.

  15. Wow! The deck’s awesome! The lush vegetation and all the greens are so relaxing to the eye. : ) My favorite pic is the 8th one from the start. :) Thanks for sharing.


  16. You definitely have an eye for landscaping! Look at how you arranged those beautiful plants in your deck! Nice one! And, it was just really perfect that you put a patio umbrella there. It gives your deck a more inviting ambiance.

    Christian Renwick


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