Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Black and Blue is Blooming!

Okey dokey, I've got more flower pics today.

The Black and Blue salvia is finally blooming.  
The color is insane.

This is a white black-eyed Susan vine.

Partial shot of the deck after I rearranged everything.

The begonia is blooming now.

More hydrangea pics.
I can't help it, it's so dang pretty.

I dug this yellow loosestrife out years ago. 
It refuses to go away.

And last, my view from the couch on the deck.

Is it really only Tuesday?


  1. Your yard is like a secret garden - lucky you!

  2. Cute toes. I can't believe your garden,...just fabulous. I would come and secretly live in it, but I know you'd water me.

  3. As I have several Black and Blue salvias - no plant lust there - BUT - oh your Hydrangea is beyond lovely - as is the white Susan vine. Your view from your deck is gorgious. I hope you have the opportunity to sit there often and admire your toes and the plants!

  4. Glorious garden--ah, that black and blue salvia--amazing color! I had one a few years ago, and just could not keep it alive in my garden--don't know if I killed it or some varmint came along and killed it or what happened, but I adore that color and need to try it again. I've never seen a white black-eyed susan vine before--veyr nice. Your patio looks like the perfect place to be to relax and unwind and enjoy all the gorgeous flower--I love it! So glad you enjoyed the flowers in my post today, and that agapanthus kind of stole the show from the sunflowers! You should totally go for it and grow one--I think they are really pretty, too. And they bloom late in the season when I need a little extra color in the garden. Enjoy your week!

  5. Never seen a black-and-blue salvia or the albino black-eyed susan. You have a lovely deck. Enjoy!

  6. Your garden is so lovely it should be in a magazine!!


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