Monday, August 13, 2012

Guest Posting At The Weekend Homemaker

Happy Monday!  I'm off gallivanting around over at The Weekend Homemaker today.  I know, I'm fancy like that.  Do you read Crystal's blog?  You should.  She and I started our blogs around the same time and we've been stalking each other since.  She recently had her dining room, turned office space, featured in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  Um yeah, she's way fancier than me. 

You're still here?
I'm sharing one of my favorite, easy, summer meals.  
Want a hint?

What are you waiting for?
Head over!
Then take some time to poke around. 
You won't regret it - I have good taste.
Tell her hi from me.


  1. Great Job! You should totally do a guest post on my site sometime!

  2. I enjoyed your post at the Weekend Homemaker. Your site looks great, and I am always impressed with stay at home moms, especially with 3 kids, wow! You must have a lot of patience, and obviously a lot of talent with many creative ideas.

  3. Hey Mindy! Awesome post:) Could you please tell me how I go about having another blogger guest post on my blog? Mind you know I need details as Im not too computer savy if ya know what I mean,lol Thanks!


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