Thursday, August 30, 2012

Roasted Beets, Feta & Arugula on Naan Bread

Sometimes the best things to come out of the kitchen, come from cleaning out the fridge.

This was my lunch the other day and it was deeeelicious.

I drizzled a piece of naan bread with garlic olive oil, layered on some leftover roasted beets, sprinkled them with feta, then stuck it in the oven to warm everybody up.

Once it was warm, I piled on some arugula and drizzled it with a thick, aged balsamic vinegar.

I was literally making yummy noises as I was eating it.

Here's lunch on my plate:

And, as is the case with most of my lunches, this one came with live entertainment:


  1. So simple and yummy! I always come up with weird combos of things when cleaning out my fridge ha! For I put diced up strawberries into my avocado and it was Deeeelicious! You have the cutest kiddos my friend

  2. This looks so good, Mindy. And I like your live entertainment--it looks like it might have been a comedy act from the expressions on their faces!

  3. Oh yeah, that looks amazing. Funny thing,..the only time I can find arugula here, it is packaged up like an herb, sitting next to the basil, costing $4+ for like 5 sprigs. Isn't that insane?!!


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