Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Random Thoughts and Tidbits

  • From now on, I'm making a conscious effort to buy bottles of wine with a screw top.  Some days, those extra seconds could save lives.
  • I moved the patio furniture back to the deck and the dining table back to the patio today.  They don't call me The Rearranger for nothing.  And by they, I mean, Me, Myself, and I.
  • Two kids and a baby is a lot of work.
  • I finally finished painting all the "board and batten" in our master bedroom.
  • Board and batten is in quotes 'cause it's my ghetto, aka, cheap-ass, version.
  • I finally painted the computer cubby in our master bedroom.
  • I completely rearranged the computer cubby in our master bedroom.
  • I haven't pulled my camera out of the drawer in four days.
  • The Girl wanted the camera tonight to take pictures of her salad.
  • My debit card was declined at the grocery store today.  I lugged all three kids home, on foot, stomping the whole way,  to get my checkbook.  We stomped walked back to the store, reloaded everything back into the stroller, and my check was declined.  Close your eyes and try to imagine my expression.  I'll give you a hint - my horns were starting to grow.  I'm a regular face, so they over-rided it, but not before I was completely humiliated and steaming mad at the person who told me, less than an hour before, that they were transferring money into my account.  Said person clearly forgot.  Said person is lucky I bought a bottle with a screw top and had time to consume a glass before he got home from work.
  • After that fun time, I made pizza and salad for dinner 'cause I was too ticked off to put effort into a real meal.
  • Did I mention screw cap wine?
  • I'm considering not logging into my Google Reader for a week and then marking all as "read" when the week is up.  
  • Would you hate me for missing your posts?
  • At this moment, I'm purging my head to, essentially, complete strangers.
  • My glass is empty. 
  • I did five loops with the kids' jumprope yesterday and thought for sure I was having a heart attack.
  • Being thin doesn't necessarily mean you're healthy.
  • Maybe exercise isn't so evil after all.
  • I wish I had more time to put into making something for an Etsy shop.
  • It's 9:00 pm and I am SO ready for bed.
  • Nighty night.


  1. I love this mindy!!! Sorry for your checkout at the market headache!!!! Miss ya!!

  2. Oh-Mindy- I can remember days like that! No, make that weeks like that. I had 4 kids and the last 3 were born in a four year period. It was like living in a flipping zoo. I wish I had liked wine! xo Diana

  3. Thank God for wine on days like these! and screw caps.

  4. I understand the feeling of feeling overwhelmed by everything you want to get done. I have been going through that myself recently, and I don't have 3 children to take care of! Email, for me, can really be an issue. I recently realized it was taking me 3 hours just to get through my email each day! I am now mostly waiting until the end of the day to look at it, and using the delete key a lot more, and I'm not spending as much time on it and the world hasn't ended! Select something you can say "No" to, get out of it for a week, and see how it feels--I'm going to try to take my own advice on that this week! Know I am sending energy and good thoughts your way!

  5. Dude... Thank God for the screw cap!!!

  6. I'd feel worse about laughing at your supermarket checkout incident but I might have peed myself a little while laughing so now I figure we're even. ;) Sounds like you've gotten a lot done lately, no wonder you're feeling overwhelmed. I'd never thought of the screw tops being faster to get to the wine (why not?) but I love them because you can tip them on their side (if you don't finish the whole bottle) and they don't leak out wine everywhere. Now I have a new reason to love them. :) Take care,...bug hugs from me.

  7. I cannot even imagine having 2 kids and a baby!! Though it does make me think of the time my mom had 6 kids, two of which were babies, and our cross country train trip from hell. That story for another day.. honestly, I don't know how you do it.

    I LOVE that Emma wanted to take a picture of her salad!! and YES, mark all those posts "Read", you deserve it! AND you have been BUSY girl! Damn, look at all that stuff you've been doing! I wish you had time for an Etsy shop too cause you're one of the most talented creative people I know.

    The End.

    Please post more post wine posts. I loved it. ;)

  8. I have also just blown through my google reader, but I couldn't mark them all read because I wanted to make sure and read a few of my "special friends" posts and I'm glad I did because this one made me laugh out loud.


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