Monday, August 20, 2012

Fresh Fruit Cake + The Latest Menu

Have you seen the 3-ingredient Fresh Apple Cake on Pinterest?  We had my parents over for dinner last week and when I realized I needed a quick dessert, I remembered seeing that one.  I didn't have apples, but popped over to the site to see if it would lend itself to another fruit.  Lucky me, it stated right up front that any fruit would work.  Sold.

You guys, this is the easiest dessert in history.  Easier than rice krispie treats.  And you don't have to scrub cemented marshmallows out of a pan.

I had some amazingly delicious peaches from the farmer's market, so I sliced those up and scattered them in the bottom of a square baking dish.  
I also had some frozen raspberries from my aunt's house, so I threw a few handfuls of those on top.

Next, I sprinkled on half a box of yellow cake mix.
The original recipe uses a bigger pan, so that's why I only used half.

This next part is where I went off the whole 3-ingredient thing.
I had seen in the comments that someone had added oatmeal when they made it.
Uh, yum!
So I added some oatmeal and cinnamon to the top.

Now, you dump an entire stick of melted butter over the top.
Well, actually, I probably should have only used half a stick, since I cut the other ingredients in half.
Oh well, what's a little extra butter in your life?

Now, you just stick it in a 350 degree oven and bake it for about 40 minutes.

Easy right?
Sorry, I didn't take any "on my plate" pics, but we had it with vanilla ice cream and it didn't suck at all.
Let me know if you try it with any other fruits.

Here's the latest meal plan at our house:


  1. I want that in my belly now:)!

  2. oh yeah!!! Love the menu for this week too. We have been fat and eating poorly (aka yummily) this week so back on track for this coming week.

  3. Well, hello lover. I need that ASAP!

  4. First, what a great, simple didn't suck at! Secondly, Paula Dean and you are right..the more buter the better! Third, what time is dinner? I see at least three listed that are hollerin' my name!

  5. Mindy strikes again! This seems "crispy" which is one of my favorite desserts.

    Please post the garlic avocado sammies!!

  6. Aaah, I was going to make this cake as soon as the prune coffee cake gets eaten at our house. Oren was just sure that he wanted to try some prunes the other day and I'd read about Pioneer Woman's prune coffee cake, so I figured why not. He did not really enjoy them, but is loving the super-sweet coffee cake, so all is good...anyway--back to this post. The fresh apple cake was next on my list, but I will definitely adding the oatmeal and cinnamon. Like your apple crisp recipe you sent me! ;)


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