Friday, August 3, 2012

End Of July In The Back Yard

I had so many pictures from the other day, that I decided to break them up into two posts.  To see the front yard post, you can go here.

This is more of that crazy lighting.  Everything seemed to be glowing.

The red lobelia is in full bloom.

Here are those cream colored marigolds again.

A pink hardy fuchsia.

Another tuberous begonia that made it through winter.

The butterfly bush is blooming, even after whacking it late this spring.

The tree that the kids spend hours in.

I finally have some cucumbers coming.

These are just some shots of the back bed.
The individual plants and flowers aren't all that defined, but I like the way the sun is shining.
It doesn't happen all that often in these here parts.
I wanted to get it on record.

 And last, here are some shots of the patio I was whining about the other day.

Notice anything?
Here, have a closer look.

He thinks the table that I drug home from the neighbor's parking strip on garbage day works just fine, thankyouverymuch.

No Fun Food Friday today. 
Baby has her six month doctor's appointment this afternoon, so we'll probably be shoveling PB&J in our mouths as we're racing out the door.
Enjoy the weekend.
Supposed to hit the 90's here.


  1. Oh, Mindy...I've never seen a yard so full of beauty. Just takes my breath away. You do have a green thumb.
    I didn't think your patio could get any better but it is lookin' mighty fine.
    Potting post is scheduled for the first part of the week. :)))
    Thanks again for letting me use photos of all your pretties.
    xoxo bj

  2. Funny about your sun,..we've had way too much this year. Ugh. The tomatoes are angry and not producing. Double ugh. Love the kitty sneaking in a nap.

  3. Hi Mindy: Cats always find the sun spots! Lovely garden and flowers--that red lobelia is amazing. Looks like you have a 'Pink Delight' butterfly bush--I have one, too, and just love it. Mine bloomed earlier, and now I really need to get out there and deadhead it--maybe today if I get a chance. Have a great Saturday!

  4. You're garden and patio are beautiful!

    I'm going to blog about lavender vodka soon, and you are the one who mentioned it to me, so I'm going to link it back to you and your post on making your own Christmas gifts. It's such a great idea, I've been drinking it in my lavender lemonade and loving it! Thanks so much for the idea, it's a great one!

  5. AWWW Mindy! Your Garden with its dappled light is a stunner! It looks like yours is still going strong! My gardens took quite a hit this year between the Jap Beetles and the terrible drought were having:( Stop over sometime:) Im following you!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Your garden is doing well! Love the kitty napping!

  7. That little kitty sure has the right idea! ... and such a grand spot to express it.... Larry

  8. taking photo's in the sunshine is hard with the lighting...but i can see the cheerfulness that surrounds you in your landscape - so many beauties to gaze at. especially that light pink fushia color! thanks for linking up to Fishtail Cottage's garden party! xoxo, tracie


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