Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Life Snippets #27

Tomorrow is December 1st.  I did not see that coming.

The good news is, my house is completely decorated and I only have a few gifts left to purchase.
I'm feeling pretty golden about my status as of this moment.
Ask me again in a week.

So I'm purging my October photos.
This dang Brugmansia didn't do a dang thing all summer long.
Then, once it had lost nearly all its leaves, it decided to bloom.

I had to take pictures of The Girl on her actual birthday.
It was the day after her party, hence the random furniture still sitting in front of the door.

Baby and Grammy.

Grandpa brought her a birthday bouquet with nine roses.

Leroy's favorite safe spot.

And, last, what would an October Life Snippets post be without Halloween photos?

The insanity. 
I wish the photos better conveyed the size of that bowl.
They've just finally gotten to the bottom of it.

So that's it for the October photo purge.
I've been a busy bee with my sewing machine, working on Christmas presents.
I'll be sharing my DIY gifts, with the usual warning at the top of the posts for family members to walk away.  ;)
Let the insanity of December begin!

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