Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Portland Open House Tour

You guys.  This house.  This.  House.

My girlfriend spotted the For Sale sign on one of her runs, and proceeded to start stalking it.  When the Open Sunday sign hit the front lawn, we were on it.  

Check out the rusty vessels they used as pots out front.
Be still my heart.

After she and I toured it, I went home and got The Dad and the kids.  
And my camera.

So a wee bit of info first.  We learned that it was purchased to flip by a local couple who own Chic Design Investments. They buy, renovate, style and sell.  I had never heard of them, but now, I want to be their best friend.  Seriously.  The staging in this house was stupid good.  
They're geniuses.  
Again, do you think if I stalked them long enough, they'd be my friend?
I've already begun the stalk fest with their Pinterest boards.  :)

The dream, for me, is to find an old house, (preferably an old farmhouse), on a big piece of property, and go in and do what this couple does. Revive it.  This house is so beautiful.

When you first walk in the door, you see straight through to the kitchen.
The living room is on the left, the staircase is on the right.

There were two of these windows dividing the hallway from the living room.

I wish I could have gotten more pictures, but there were people everywhere.
It was a popular open house.
Here's a couple shots of the kitchen.

Reclaimed wood shelving?
Yes please.

Looking back toward the staircase.

Behind the living room, right next to the kitchen, is the dining room.
The light was a force to be reckoned with.
It looks crooked, but I promise it wasn't.

The table was awesome.
The chairs were awesome.
The centerpiece had my name all over it.

Looking back toward the front of the house at the living room.
Who's baby is that running wild through the house?!

I only got one shot of the living room.  :(

Past the kitchen and dining room, a hallway led to a bedroom, bathroom, basement stairs, and a little enclosed porch that would serve as a mudroom.
I wish I could have gotten better pictures of the styling inside the hall built ins.

Here's the downstairs bedroom.

Oh, hello Lettered Cottage closets.
Small, but perfect.

The mudroom was too long and skinny to get a good photo of, but these were on the wall.
There was a super cute bench where you could sit and take your Hunters off.  :)

And the bathroom.
My photo doesn't do it justice.

Penny tile and a beautiful faucet.

Okay, lets go upstairs.
This is at the top of the landing, looking down.
My black and white photos of the kids would fit right in.

This is the view you see as you first come to the top of the stairs.
The master bedroom.

Are you kidding me?
Perfection, folks.
That barn door.
That bench.

I'm telling you, they're geniuses.
Check out this master bathroom.

 In leiu of a linen closet, they brought this bad boy in.

It even had old bottles like mine in it.
Looking back toward the bedroom.

Across the hall is another bedroom.

And more perfection.

Should we go outside now?
Being the plant whore that I am, this sort of landscape is nothing I would have for myself.
But it was still perfect.
They moved and converted an old shed into a usable space.
Man cave?
Art studio?
Girl's Night wine bar?
I thought it would have looked better painted the same dark grey as everything else.
But maybe some climbing vines, or something else symmetrically flanking the door, would have made it blend in better.
Or possibly horizontal siding, opposed to the vertical boards used.
Either way, it's a fun little space.

The garage was even a cool space inside.
Just an unfinished garage, but it had a little shop room and was fairly good sized.
The car access was through an alley.

And even though Mediterranean landscapes are not my gig, this right here was perfection.
We told the realtor we were running to the store for Champagne and spending the rest of the day here.

Are you kidding me?
I've been begging The Dad to build me this table for years.
Hopefully after seeing it, he'll feel my pain.
I neeeed this table on my patio.
I have the mismatched chairs and everything.
It's meant to be.

So whatd'ya think?  Could you move right in?
It definitely suits a single person, or a newlywed couple, the best.
It would be a good excuse to pare down your belongings.
I hope my photos did it justice.
They did an amazing job.
If you want to see photos of what the house looked like when they bought it, complete with chain link fence, you can check out their blog post here:
And seriously, who doesn't love a good before and after?!
And did you catch that?  They have a blog. With all the houses they've flipped.
You're gonna wanna check it out.
We were told the house is pending.
How cool would it be to make friends with the new owner?
If we're lucky, they'll have a kid at our school and we can have Mom Club night at that table.

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