Friday, August 29, 2014

T Is For Tortoise: A Kid Lunch

Haven't seen a Fun Food Friday post 'round these parts in a while, have ya?  I know, bad Mommy.  Can you believe I've done 78 of these kid lunch posts?  Well, 79 now.  Wow, clearly I was more motivated with only two kids.

I figured we'd commemorate the new addition to the family with a lunch in her honor.  And really, this one didn't take any more time than making regular sandwiches would have.  Super easy and all three of the kids loved them.

I used Sandwich Thins to make ham and cheese sammies for the shells.  Cucumbers for heads and feet.  Candy eyes. Lettuce for lining the platter.  Lemon cucumbers and cherry tomatoes to "feed" the babies.  Lantana to add some color.

Here's lunch:

Enjoy the three day weekend!
The two oldest kiddos are back to school on Tuesday.
1st and 3rd grade.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yard Crasher #8

Sorry I didn't get to this post yesterday.  Life.  And a stupid, worthless computer.  You guys, if you knew how badly I need a new computer.....this thing has been on its way out for over a year.  It makes me CRAZY.

Anywho, on with the show....

I had a heck of time trying to decide how to lay out this post.
I have so many stinkin' pictures, I didn't know where to start.
I finally committed to doing some pulled back shots, so you can get a feel for the space.
Then I'll do the closer shots of individual plants.

The back door is at the top of a tiered deck, which is how I got this angle.

My helper again.

I LOVE these limey-green Sweet Potato Vines.
I can't grow them to save my life.

This is a big planter on the edge of the deck with a mix of annuals and perennials.

I need this Salvia in my life.

More of that Sweet Potato Vine.

A cute tree that died, so she hung bells in it.  :)

These are all in the main part of the garden, in front of the garage.

Fairy rose.

More Anemone.

A cute little rose that she adopted from me when it was headed for the compost pile.


Zinnias and pink and white Phlox.

Annual purple Salvia.
Mine didn't even come close to looking like hers.

Purple bell peppers.

More Phlox, with 'Autumn Joy' Sedum behind it.

A pretty pink Penstemon.

The gazing ball.


This raspberry is in a pot.

A pretty lavender Dahlia.

Moving along to another area, this rose came from my sister's old house.

A fun sedum ball from my sister. 
She got me one, too.  :)

Pots, pots, and more pots.

Her Eucalyptus.

My step-dad grows a variety of hot peppers every year in a big pot.
He dries them and then grinds them for doctorin' up dinner.
This year he found Ghost Peppers.

Annnnd, more pots.
Yes, this all in the same little area.

I think this is an Angel's Wing Begonia.

And I think I'm gonna stop there.
I have the same amount of photos, if not more, that I'll save for another post.
Don't wanna overwhelm ya.  :)

The Dad and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary today.
My parents are gonna watch the kids tonight so we can go out to dinner.
In a restaurant.
Without kids.
In fact, I best be gettin' in the shower.....

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