Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yard Crasher #7

My mom asked me to come over with my camera last week to take pictures of her yard.  I figured, 311 photos later, I might as well share some of them here.

I'll split it up, like I have in the past, between front yard and backyard.

This plant is on the front porch, and of course, I can't remember the name of it.
The flowers are like straw.

On the steps, she has mixed pots and one of them has this yellow Salvia that overwintered in it.
I want one!!!

This blue flowered plant is in with it.  
I don't have a clue what it is, but I love it.

This view is standing on the front porch, looking out.
As you can see, she's taken out all the front lawn.

There's a pea gravel path going through the largest side of the front yard.

The Mother's Day pot I gave her has filled in, I'd say.

I need some of these next year.
If I remember correctly, it starts with a Brachy-something.



'Black and Blue' Salvia.

The backside of her Mother's Day pot.

Her Isis Fuchsia overwintered.
I lost mine.  :(

The tiny flowers are so stinkin' cute.

On the other side of the main walk, is her basalt fountain.
It was really bright out, so it was hard to get a good photo of it.

My little helper.

She took the lawn out of her parking strip last year when they removed a giant, sick Maple.

Cute little shrub roses.

'Canary' Crocosmia, annual blue Salvia, a Penstemon that was done blooming, and some sort of mystery squash that came up and she let it grow.

Pink Profusion Zinnias.

7-Up Plant.

Agastache (or Hyssop) - are they both the same thing?
This one is really pretty.

Resident kitty, Punkin', headin' to the neighbor's yard to hide from the camera.

This view is standing on the sidewalk, looking back up into the yard.



A purple Penstemon.

And a Shepard's hook with mixed Verbena and Impatiens.

There's a walkway along the side of the house that takes you to the backyard.


Hardy Fuchsia.

Toad Lily.

A shorter variety of Cleome.
And hers is lavender, a color I don't have.

Come back tomorrow for the full backyard tour.

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  1. I've never seen a toad lily before. It's really beautiful. I wonder if will grow where I am. How cold does it get there in the winter? How hot in the summer?

  2. Holy garden!!! Absolutely gorgeous. Well I guess we know where you get it from ;)

  3. Your mom is a rockstar! I love everything in her garden and that front parking strip looks fantastic! The views are breath taking!!! I see where your passion comes from friend! I need to add some more hooks to my fence for next year....tell your mama she has inspired me! Now I have 2 gardens to tour when I am out there one day! Happy week you...and I know I missed your last post...did I see a turtle??!!!? Nicole xoxo

  4. Okay - your Mom's garden should be on a tour next year! It is just wonderful. You and she both have a great eye for color, form, texture and design.

  5. What a fun series . . . Yard Crashers :0)!
    Wow Mindy! I love your mom's garden too!
    Your photos are always so beautiful . . . I can only imagine the colors and beauty - in person. Does she tend to her garden too? It's so much work.
    Looking forward to watching your yard crashing series unfold :0
    Have a great day!

  6. I can see were you get your talent for gardening! Your Mom's garden is as amazing as your garden is Mindy. I like the mystery blue flower and the teeny-tiny Isis Fuchsia. I have always wanted a Toad lily, but it is dry here in late summer and so I have never got them to flourish.

  7. Your mom's garden is fabulous! Thanks for sharing your photos of it.

  8. What a beautiful garden your mom has, Mindy! I loved it all, but I especially like that shelf on the fence with the window and all the cute things on it--what a fun idea.

  9. Your camera is able to get the true colors of purples and blues. I have trouble with the Brachyscomb and the Salvias. Your mom's garden is fabulous. What a kindred spirit. I've never had 'Isis' winter over for me. I'm kind of jealous.


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