Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Life Update

You guys are too funny.  For those who have left comments and sent emails, I'm here, I promise!  And I'm missing the blog a lot.

We're still attempting to unpack and get settled in, but we're loving everything about the new place.

I still don't have a computer, or anyway to get photos off my camera, so no blogging yet, but I'm posting little snippets on my Facebook page, Rindy Mae, if you wanna catch up there.  I've been working my tail off outside, so lots of in-progress shots of that, as well as some pictures of corners coming together inside.

Come on over and say hi!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We Found A House!

You guys.  I've said this a hundred times already, but, I just can't even.  I'm walking around shaking my head all day in disbelief.

This story is too good not to share.  I need to write it all down, before I forget anything.

Our house sold with the quickness.  We listed on June 8th and accepted an offer on the 11th.  We had started looking at houses in person a couple weeks before we went live, but once we were under contract, we went balls to the wall house hunting.  Nothing.  I mean, we looked at so. many. houses.  Plus the obsessive daily online hunting.  We broadened our search by several zip codes over several weeks time.  Still, nothing.  I was doing my best to stay positive, but the inner emotional stress level was at an all-time high.
A gal I met through our neighborhood garden group reached out to me a couple weeks ago and I had a really amazing, encouraging phone conversation with her.  Every time I'd go into that negative head space, I'd hear her voice telling me that our house was coming, and that I needed to continue to focus on it.
The evening of Wednesday, July 5th, the kids and The Dad headed out for baseball practice.  I was having an especially rough day, so I told myself I needed to sit down and attempt to meditate on the end goal.  Because we weren't finding anything, we had broadened our search criteria so much.  I was looking at photos online for ideas on how to make a 1970's split level look like an old farmhouse.  
 I decided I needed to focus on exactly what it was we wanted.  
My brain wouldn't shut up long enough to focus, so I got up, grabbed a spiral notebook and a pen, and sat down and scribbled out a list. 
This is that list:

I sat there, reread it, and my tablet pinged with a Facebook message notification.
I opened it up and saw there was a message from a woman I know through garden blogging.
"I know this one is a bit far out and isn't perfect but..."
I clicked the link and froze. 
I was afraid to open it.  The photo above was the first photo on the listing.
I stood up, went to the kitchen, poured myself a glass of wine, and went out to the patio.
I sat down and scrolled to the next photo.  And cried.  It was our house.
I went through all the listing pictures, not believing what I was seeing.
Then I clicked the virtual tour and noticed the basketball hoop and a photo on their wall of donkeys.
I cried some more.
I immediately emailed our realtor, said, screw the other houses this weekend, let's go see this one.
He couldn't get us in until Friday, but we were out there by 9am.  With the kids.  I'm shaking my head again right now.
It's as if, my imagination conjured up The Dream and dropped it in our laps.

These are some photos from the morning we went out to see it.

This cat jumped in our car right when we got there.

Not only was there a photo of donkeys, but there were actual donkeys.
Two of them.




Turkeys, that followed The Girl around everywhere she went.

Fried Green Tomatoes train track.  ;)

Okay, so we had to leave the property.  
We signed all the paperwork to put in our offer.
Then we waited.  And waited.
The worst.  
They had nine showings the day we were out there, and later found out that the Open House on Sunday was one of the biggest ones the listing agent had ever had.
She said fifty people must have come through there.
But, The Universe knew it was meant to be ours.
So Monday at 5:30 pm, we got the call.  They accepted our offer.
Best. Day. Ever.

When's the last time you looked at my Pinterest Vision Board?
I was looking at it constantly during all of this.
Here's a link:

Go ahead and scroll through that real quick.  
I'll wait.

Now here's what I saw when I first looked at the listing.

Are you kidding me?
Are ya feelin' my tear fest now?
Does the, all day shaking of the head, make sense now?
I could not have imagined anything more perfect.
I even forgot to put that on the list!!!
That BARN.  
Holy cow, that barn.
I just can't even.
So here's another fun little tidbit, that also made me cry.  Ha!
In the listing, the owners said they needed to close after September 9th.
We have to be out of our house August 7th.
That's a loooong time when you have kids, pets, and plants to find temporary housing for.
But, that's what they wanted, so in our offer, we put a closing date of August 18th, with possession September 9th.
After our offer was accepted, the owners told the agent that, with our kids, we would need to get in and get settled, and get registered for school.
So, if we didn't mind the apples being harvested from the orchard in September (they're already sold for this year), we could have possession on August 19th.
Are you kidding me?
Cry fest.
The whole thing is magic.
If you, Angela, hadn't pushed me to trust that what I had envisioned nearly all my life, would be manifested, I never would have made such a conscious effort to continually put it all out to The Universe.
Had I not put it out to The Universe, Jenni never would have known to send me that link.
I owe them both a lifetime of harvest from The Farm.
And free guided tours of all the local wineries.
I can't wait to move in and start sharing our adventures on the blog.
I had best get to packing.....

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