Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Backyard: 9/23/15

I'm home from our annual Girl's Weekend at the Rock Farm with my mom, sister, and aunt.  It was quiet and relaxing, my kind of vacation.  And now it's "Back to life, back to reality."

I have quite a few pictures from last week out back, so I'll keep the talking to a minimum.

I bought this begonia this year and hope to overwinter in the house.

In fact, it's about time to start hauling in all the tender perennials and houseplants.
They're always so happy to spend the summer outside.

A friend brought me a piece of a Plumeria from California and I hope I can keep him over in the house, too.
The big leaf is new growth and there's a couple more babies comin'.

The hardy Begonia is blooming all over the yard now.

This year is my least favorite combo in the big deck planter box since we built it.
Not enough variation in color, or somethin'.  I just never was happy with it.

The Passionflower vine has gone insane.
We cut a walking path under it when we got home from Klamath Falls because it was halfway to the ground.

The Clematis that shares the arbor is fighting for its life.

All the Japanese Anemones are blooming now.
I love them.

The Girl's pot is really pretty, and limey, right now.

This guy must have hitched a ride in the pot of the Phygelius I bought last year.

That whole pathway ended up being really limey this year.

Naughty puppy butt.

During our last really bad wind and rain storm, the Butterfly Bush took it in the shorts.

I made a management decision.
Bye bye, Butterfly Bush.

Some pulled back views.

The big white Dahlia is bloomin' now.

I can never remember the name of this.
Widow's Tears?


The south side pathway.

A neighbor gave me a Luffah plant start that I put in over there, but I think I planted it too late for fruit.
The flowers are really pretty, though.
They're still a bit closed up in these photos.

I'm trying to decide if I want to put my new Elderberry in the ground, or keep it in a pot.

Ditto on the Eucalyptus.
I don't have a tag for it, so I have no clue how big it's supposed to get.
Anyone recognize the variety?

While we're playing the identification game, anyone know what this is?
The Girl harvested tons of seeds last year, then planted them this spring.
The verdict is still out on a few, including this.

All the Hydrangeas have turned, although 'Ayesha' is still putting out new flowers.

This is the big blue one.

And the Peegee.

More lime green.

'Black and Blue' Salvia.

The Toad Lily is finally blooming.

The Rudbeckias are still going, as well as the Astrantia and mystery Verbena.

This Aster is new this year and I love the color.

Succulent bird bath.

This is one of the only Penstemon that did anything for me this year.

A new-this-year Impatiens, that I'm too lazy to dig the tag out for.

African Daisy.

And last, a pulled back shot of the bed behind the firepit.

Off to wash some baseboards.....

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