Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Halloween-Themed Birthday Party

The Girl had been asking for a Barbie party for months.  Including a Barbie cake.  I was stressin' over that dang thing for weeks.  A few days before her birthday, I may have slipped some comments in about picking a new theme.  Just suggestions.  Nothing forced. Lucky me, she threw out the idea of having a Halloween party. YES!  So a Halloween party was had.

I picked up some cheap decorations at the Dollar Store, dug through stuff I already had, and my mom brought along some things to use, as well.

I had just seen a fun spider cake on one of the blogs I read, so I went with that.  It's a four-layer Oreo cake with homemade whipped cream and Oreo frosting.  The spiders on top and around the sides are mini and regular Oreos, with black frosting legs and candy eyes.  I was able to make the cake and frosting ahead of time, then assemble everything at the Rock Farm the day of her party.  Soooooo much easier than a Barbie cake.

Here's our weekend at the Rock Farm:

Another Rock Farm birthday success.

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