Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life Snippets #3

Birthday celebrations, road trips, meal planning, Halloween decorating...the list goes on.  I was looking forward to getting some things done this week around the house, after getting home from the Rock Farm, but The Dad's mom came into town on Sunday, so the to-do's are pushed to the back burner again.

I have two posts worth of birthday party festivities, but there isn't time to get through all the pictures, so I'm throwing together random photos instead, lest you think I was dead from lack of posting.

Don't forget to find my glass of wine. I made it harder this time.

Italian Chicken dinner.

Fairy garden The Girl made with Grammy.

Fall in the garden.

My first attempt at making pork belly.
It was beyond delicious.

Table set for dinner on The Girl's birthday.

Our official six-year-old.

Rock Farm kid heaven.

I'll try to pop in again this week, but with The Dad's birthday on Wednesday and my mother-in-law here, I'm not making any promises.

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  1. Ding, ding, ding,....the official 6-year-old photo is hiding the wine glass. And boy is she looking older. Wow.

  2. That pork belly looks scrumptious. We had some pork belly and cranberry ravioli at a restaurant a while back and I've been craving it ever since... Who knew the innards of a pig stomach could be so darn delicious?

  3. That looks delicious, Mindy! Happy Birthday to your official six year old. I love that age! Hope things slow down for you soon- xo Diana

  4. I was wondering where you were!!!! Oh so much good happening here!!! Your sweet munchkin is getting soooo big!!! And your table is beautiful!! Have a wonderful week friend!!

  5. There's so much to comment on, but I'm stuck on one thing. Is the Rock Farm a place that the public can go, or is it just someone you know has a really cool farm with lots of rocks?

  6. Your kids look adorable!! Your pics were beautiful and you are just a cooking fiend!! Are you loving your new kitchen?


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