Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cheater Pad Thai

Raise your hand if you love Thai food.  Okay, put your hands down, I can't see you anyway.

Technically, we can't really call this Thai food, since it's a cheater recipe, but the flavors are there and it's SOOO easy, so we'll give it a pass.

The recipe came out of our paper and it suggested using a bag of frozen stir-fry veggies if you want to amp up the ingredients.  I've never been a frozen veggie purchaser, but I bought them for this and they didn't suck at all.  So I'd say, fresh would be delicious, but the frozen ones make this a perfect weeknight meal.

Also, I should note that this is a vegetarian recipe, but I made Lime Coconut Chicken to go with and it was a match made in heaven.  If you haven't made the chicken recipe yet, you should do so immediately. It is SO GOOD.

Okay, enough jibber jabber, here's the recipe as I made it (the original is for just two portions):

Cheater Pad Thai
Printable Recipe

1 package wide rice noodles (they typically come in 15-oz bags)
8 Tbsp warm water
8 Tbsp low-sodium soy sauce
4 Tbsp creamy peanut butter
4 Tbsp sweet chili sauce (you could use the homemade here)
1 tsp granulated garlic powder
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp sriracha or other hot sauce
12-oz fresh bean sprouts (we like a lot, so pile on as many as you want)
Chopped peanuts, for garnish
Lime wedges, for garnish
Cilantro, for garnish
Sliced Lime Coconut Chicken for the top, if desired

Prepare rice noodles according to package directions.  They should only take about five minutes or less.

In a bowl, whisk together the next 7 ingredients to make your sauce.   Taste and adjust to your liking.

Toss the cooked noodles with the sauce until evenly coated.  If using the frozen veggies, cook a 15-oz bag according to package directions and toss with the sauce and noodles.

Plate and top with bean sprouts.  Garnish with peanuts, limes and cilantro.

Let's take a gander at it all finished, shall we?

Is it wrong that I'm drooling over my own pictures?
It was so dang good.
And that chicken.  Oh the chicken.

The kids inhaled this dinner.
The Dad and I did, too.
It's so good and so easy.

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  1. Okay, you have me convinced. I'm making this almost immediately.

  2. It looks amazing friend!!! How do you do it!!!! All of this beauty and you are working in an unfinished space! You deserve an award! Happy Hump day!!!

  3. WOW! I would like this even more if you stated the source and the original creator! HappyHerbivore.com

    1. As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, this recipe came out of our local newspaper. Thanks for coming by!


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