Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Kitchen Remodel: Phase 15

As threatened, I'm back with my weekly kitchen update post.

We didn't have a ton of time to work on it this last weekend, but we finished building all the lower guts, drawers, and doors.  The Dad also got almost all of the knobs on.  Is it weird that I pet the drawer pulls when I walk by them?

I spent almost all day yesterday unpacking boxes.  Real dishes are in the cupboards.  Silverware, cooking utensils, baking dishes, pots and pans, etc.  Nearly everything is put away. 

Check out these corner cabinets.

Cool, no?
We swapped out the lazy susans, that we originally had planned, at the last minute for these.
They're in both corners on either side of the sink.
I love that there's a drawer on top.

Besides the obvious dishwasher desire, the second thing on my list of new kitchen must haves was a sheet pan cupboard.
You have no idea how excited I am about this dang thing.
The door slides out, instead of swinging open, then there's two drawers inside.
We were able to put in dividers in the bottom to make muffin tins, cookie sheets, etc, stand up.
I'm in love with it.

Glasses, coffee cups, plates, etc., have all found homes.

And super organized utensil and gadget drawers.

The window and door trim is still on the to-do list, as well as figuring out how we'll trim out the tops of the upper cabinets where the uneven gap shows.  This week we'll get the sheet rock on the back of the short wall, and I'm hoping to get the guts of the tall pantry cabinet built and installed.  Once that's done, I can put away my pantry stuff, and get the metal shelf out of the dining room.  And that fridge.  I can not wait to get that dang fridge outta there. We're putting it in the garage for drinks and backup storage.  
With the boxes unpacked, there's room now, we just haven't gotten to it.  
What else?  Oh yeah, the ceiling. Ick.

But here's some full room shots of where we're at now.

Friday is our counter install.
I can. not. wait.
I want it to hurry up and get here!!!!
And then, by Sunday, we'll have water.
Did you hear me?
A sink!!!!!
 And a dishwasher for the first time in twelve years of living here!!!!!!!
Hurry up, Friday.

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  1. Woohoo,....soooo exciting. I love those cupboards sooooo freaking much. Can't wait to see the counter (when does it come?) and have you decided on the backsplash or is that still to come? Oh wow,...just awesome.

  2. That pull out piece of awesomeness just might be THE COOLEST thing I have ever seen. The coolest!!! I'd totally be petting the knobs too. Come on Friday!!!!!!

  3. Mindy- It is looking REALLY great and you did some wonderful built-ins' I can't wait to see your countertops all installed. xo Diana

  4. Hurry up Friday indeed!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! It is so pretty!!!! Oh I wish I had one of those sheet pan dividers!!! So extremely cool!!! Your cabinets are beautiful!!!!! I am sooo happy for you guys!!!

  5. Those cabinets are awesome! The drawer pulls certainly deserve to be petted!! lol.. Just amazing all of the new gadgets for shelving anymore. I bet it feel great to have dishes back in the cabinets!

  6. So exciting!! I love that baking pan drawer/cupboard! Everything is really coming together, how fun to decide what each cupboard will hold and design it just for that. Awesome!

  7. Love the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Also really cool the corner cabinets and the special place for sheet pans--I'd be pretty excited about those, too! Your drawers for utensils are so organized--it all looks great!

  8. Looking so good, Mindy! That corner cabinet is WAY better than a lazy susan - I've never seen a pull-out like that before!

    And please, please tell me what kind of bulb you are using in your industrial style light fixture?? We just installed one in the middle of our kitchen like yours and the light is just awful - all harsh and glaring like, well, a bare bulb in a garage. :) I'm about ready to go with a different fixture (I'm sure Brian would be happy to install kitchen fixture #4, don't you?) after trying 3 different types of bulbs. What do you use and do you like it?

  9. WhooooooHooooooo!! Happy dance going ion over here for you!! It looks so.good.

  10. Your cabinets are gorgeous... I am happy you upgraded the lazy susan with pull out... you never would have found anything with the lazy susan. Are you going to make a curtain under the sink?

  11. Hooray! You are so funny (petting knobs...) Those are gorgeous cabinets, and full of useful functionality to boot!

    Can't wait to see the countertops, that's like the frosting. :)

  12. LOve the cabinets.. If a messy kitchen cant stop you from making all your good stuff, imagine what a beautiful kitchen will do... I need to mentally prepare myself for your upcoming posts, and make sure i have some food with me :)

  13. Nice knobs! Why does that have to sound so dirty...

  14. I need that thing to organized my utensils on the kitchen! Where did you get it? and Awesome drawer knobs you have there! I am loving the details that adds accent to your kitchen. Good job!


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