Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Backyard: 5/26/15

Wow.  Where in the heck did the week go?!  Tomorrow's Friday? Really?  I've been rockin' the single mom gig this week, so it sorta put me off my regular routine.  Hence, silence on the blogfront.  I did take some photos out back on Tuesday, so figured I'd throw those up before the weekend is officially here.

My mom gave me a piece of her Mock Orange two years ago, and this is the first time it's bloomed for me.
I was really disappointed that it didn't smell at all when the flowers first started opening.
Well, I guess I just wasn't patient enough, because today, it was smellin' up the whole backyard.

Another hand-me-down baby, this Passion Vine was a tiny volunteer from my friend's plant.
He grew last year, but never amounted to much.
Clearly that is not the case right now.
I have high hopes for flowers this year.

I rearranged around the fire pit area, again.

A rose that was here when I bought the house has buds.
It's SO pretty in bloom.
I've decided I need to stop saying I don't like orange flowers.
I'm definitely particular about which ones are allowed, but I don't dislike them, and actually have quite a few orange perennials tucked around.
I find myself thinking, well, that one doesn't count.

Speaking of which...we're gonna call this apricot and yellow.

I did somethin' crazy.  I stuck my dark-leafed maple in the ground.
The one that was in a blue pot, that I had moved to the flower bed last week.
I just kept staring at it, thinking how pretty it would be with all the green.
Probably not the best spot, long term, but oh well.

I got a few new babies for my birdbath planter.
I cleaned out some of them that were taking over, and made room for the new ones.

I stuck a few more new ones in an old colander.
My mom found this really nice succulent dirt for dirt cheap (hahaha), at Naomi's, if you're local.

A few more new annual additions.

I finally got myself an Elderberry.
I have no clue where I'll put it, so he went in a pot with some more annuals.

One of three new hardy Fuchsias.

A new Begonia, that will live inside for winter.

A new creamy white Penstemon.

A new Eucalyptus baby, also stuck in a mixed pot for now.

We're finally eating snap peas from our seeds!
And when I say "we", I mean Baby.
She'll never let us get any in the house at the rate she's devouring them.
She wants to "check" them several times a day.
Which means, eat every single one, no matter the size.

The Fringecup is blooming.

And last, Grace took this picture at Dancing Oaks on our nursery trek.
It's a Gas Plant and it was amazing.
Of course, I had to buy one.
Mine's only a wee little thing, but next year, with any luck, it'll look like this.

Gorgeous, right?
Have a great weekend.
The Dad gets home tomorrow night, just in time for my brother-in-law's 40th birthday party on Saturday.
I'm glad he's going over the hill first.  :)

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