Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Parking Strip: 6/16/16

Okey dokey, we're headin' down to the sidewalk for the last yard update of the week.

It must be summer, the Rudbeckia is starting to show color.
This is 'Goldsturm.'

A pulled back view of his friends.

Lavender and a volunteer Feverfew.


My mystery orange plant.
I must have adopted it last fall, but I sure don't remember sticking it in the ground.

A mystery Sedum, again, most likely adopted at the end of the season last year.

On the street side, I ripped out the Red Valerian, aka, Jupiter's Beard.
It was constantly flopping all over the place and I just didn't love it, so out it went.
That left a pretty good sized hole, so what's a girl to do?

I transplanted a baby from the mystery orange plant, stuck in a Lavender that hadn't found a home yet, and bought my very first Salvia 'Amistad.'  I'm pretty darned excited about it.

And it ain't summer without Zinnias.
I stuck in a 6-pack worth around the parking strip and driveway.

The 'Otto's Thrill' Dahlia, that I transplanted earlier this spring, didn't skip a beat.

The 'Lucifer' Crocosmia has buds and the Foxglove is almost done.

My camera missed the first big flush of flowers on the 'Moonraker' Phygelius, but once I get out and deadhead, it'll bloom solid again.

All the Echinacea are getting buds, too.

The Pineapple Sage is a happy camper, after surviving winter.

The Yarrow is blooming, as is some low-growing Campanula, and the 'Autumn Joy' Sedum is already showing color.

On the other end, the Rhubarb has gone crazy, especially the older of the two plants.

Another Dahlia, that will be bloomin' before long.

And last, a volunteer Impatiens glandulifera up by the fence, that I didn't have the heart to yank.

And that's it for last week in the garden.
The rain has been falling off and on all day and as I type, it is DUMPING.
I'm always afraid to go out and survey the damage.
My poor babies!
Until next week....

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