Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Life Snippets #22

I haven't done a photo purge in a long time.  A very long time. So we've got pictures from summer, up until now.

I'm startin' with the one watermelon we grew, picked, and ate this August.  Kind of exciting, no?  It was one of the little varieties, and the kids tore that sucker up, straight off the vine.

Sticking with the summer theme, I looked all over for The Girl one morning, to the point of getting a wee bit worried.
Everyone else in the house was still asleep.  She's always the first one up and moving.
I finally found her out back, doing this.

The Cat.

Homemade crepes with peanut butter, nectarines, and honey.

More of the nectarines, turned into an amazingly delicious steak salad for dinner.

I wouldn't call them friends, but at this point, The Cat totally tolerates The Puppy.  
And The Puppy has learned to not be up in his business all day.
I can't believe how little she is in these pictures.

This is him attempting to look nonchalant.  While sitting DIRECTLY in front of her food and water bowls.
He slept on the mat for a solid week and a half.
Cats, I tell ya.

 I swapped the dresser with the wine cabinet in the dining room again.
I know, the rearranging is never ending.
Snapped a couple pics before the Christmas decorating hits this weekend.

And last, today I snapped some pics of a bouquet I made last week.
It's on its way out, so figured I'd capture it before it gets composted.
Thank you, Tamara, for your grandma's awesome planter.
I love it.
I stuck three vases down in to hold the greens.
The two kale plants are still in their 4-inch grower's pots - I hadn't gotten around to planting them yet, so into the house they came.
I originally put it all together for a special dinner I did for my parents this weekend, but it ended up being just a tad too tall for a centerpiece.
So it moved to the coffee table.

This is what I mean by tolerating.

And that's all I've got for today.
Tomorrow morning, we're headed to Hood River for the feast at my aunt's house.
I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.
Here comes Christmas.

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