Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Life Snippets #5

I decided, rather than try to write posts for every single festivity over the last few weeks, I'd just cram a ton of photos into one.

Life Snippets:  The Holiday Edition

I'll start with our Christmas get-together, with family from Hood River, in the middle of December.
Dinner and a homemade gift exchange at my parent's house.

All the kids receive one gift from everyone.

The adults do an exchange similar to a White Elephant set-up.
House rules are, it has to be homemade.

My cousin was the overachiever of the day.
A walnut Adirondack chair?
My sister and BIL went home with it.

I got six jars of canned peaches that my kids are going through with the quickness.

I can't set my camera down anymore without finding one of these.

For my sister's birthday, we did pizza, cake, and presents at her house, since it was on a weekday.
Then, the following Friday, we went out with a group to a nice dinner.

Around the house with the kids.

 An impromptu dinner with my sister's fam.

Lick 'm Stick.

The treat box.

Up next, The Mom's birthday.

PBR, baby.

Best burger, EVER.

Again, I walked away from my camera.

Christmas morning at home.

Then it was off to my parent's house, in our jammies, for a big ham brunch and more presents.

The morning-after breakfast.
The Dad took the day off.
Biscuits and gravy, taters, and fried eggs.
And mimosas, of course.

It's been forever since I've said this:
Here's mine on my plate.

And just when you think it's over....
my mom's birthday is two days after Christmas.
She came to our house and my sister and I took her for Happy Hour food while the boys watched the kids.
Then it was back home for sweets and presents.

And finally, our annual gift exchange at my sister's house with friends a couple nights ago.

The Girl and my nephew both lost a tooth that night.  :)

Tonight, we're headed to my sister's for the second night in a row to help clean out her fridge.
And that means eat until I'm sick.  Again.
Tomorrow, we head to my mom's for the good luck black-eyed peas.
Anyone else ready for a normal schedule again?
Here's to a relaxing January!
Happy New Year!!!

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