Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baby's First Snow Day

Holy cow it's cold up in here.  Record lows, people. Us Oregonians are used to the rain, but once it gets below 30 degrees, we're weenies.  It hit SIX degrees over the weekend.  What?!  We haven't seen 30 in daaaays.  Hence the frozen pipe situation.  But before the temps dropped to crazytown, we got a half a day of snow!  Also pretty rare around these parts.  It was just a dusting, but sooo exciting!  I had to run out and get pics of Baby before walking the kids to school.

She's saying, snoooooow.  :)

She and I stayed inside all day while the kids were at school, but I did have to run out for some more photos.
You have to document these things, ya know. 

I am a bit concerned with some plants in the yard.
They're not used to this either.
And there are some things I really don't want to lose.


The snow was super fun, but the cold, dry stuff has gotta go.
I'm ready for the 30's and 40's to head back this way.

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  1. Love your vintage Santa thermometer, but not the temps!
    Hope you get a warming trend REAL soon.
    I'd love for you to share your lovely photos on the Maple Hill Hop today! It's all about the great outdoors!
    Stay toasty!

  2. Too cute. Have you tried letting the kitchen tap drip ever so slightly to keep things from freezing?

  3. Ha! You need to come to the Windy City!!! First off I love your sweetie!!!! What a doll! And your vintage thermometer and reindeer sign are adorable!!!! the snow in your garden is just beautiful!!!!! I hope it warms up for you so the mister is not on pipe duty!!!! Have a great day you!!!!

  4. Ha! I live in the Midwest, we are below zero and snow is way too common.(although for whatever reason I take a million pictures of it every year)

    The suggestion about the tap is a good one, by the way.

  5. Oh my gosh, the baby is darling in her pink snow outfit--so cute! Hope she enjoyed the snow. Also love the reindeer on roof sign :)

  6. Yay!! The first snow is so exciting! And your neighborhood looks so cute! I love the view of the little bungalow from your front yard!


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