Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fabric Tea Bags

Are you tired of sewing projects yet?  Yeah, join the club.  But after this last weekend, I've officially put my sewing machine back in its hole.  No plans of digging it out any time soon.
At least until January.  :)

They're not very good helpers.

I'm not gonna lie, this project suuuuucked.  Sewing tiny things is not my forte.  It took forever for me to realize that you can't sew around the perimeter of a 1/2-inch square.  Impossible.  You probably already knew that.  But in case you're slow, like me, you should sew the tiny square on a larger piece of fabric and THEN cut it out.  I just saved you four hours worth of cussing and throwing things.

So today, we're bustin' out some Fabric Tea Bags.
I got my niece a tiny metal tea set and thought it would be fun for her to have "real" tea bags to use with it.
Lucky for me, I'm a hoarder and have all sorts of fabric scraps.

I started by tracing a real tea bag onto a piece of paper.
Then I cut it smaller, to fit the tiny cups.

I just held the template onto a piece of fabric (folded in half to get a front and back), while I cut around it.

I did that four times, and then did the same to get the little pieces for the tops.

I sewed the bags first, leaving the top open.
I shoved some batting in them, a piece of string, then sewed them shut.
See above for the nightmare that came with trying to sew the top pieces on.

In the end, I completed the task at hand and I think they turned out super cute.
Perfect?  Not by any means.  But still cute.

Did I mention I made tiny napkins, too?
I must have blocked that out.

Totally worth it.

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  1. Holy Hannah, that is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm so dumb with sewing, I don't even understand the solution, so I won't be making any of these myself, but wow, they are going to be so well-received. Super cute.

  2. Mindy, these are adorable! We're really into tea parties right now, so I may just have to fix my sewing machine so I can make these. The sucker went crazy on me the other day and now I have to troubleshoot something I never understood well in the first place...hate it when that happens.

  3. TOTALLY worth it! Those are SOOO cute! I am going to be working on some American Doll clothes this next week- xo Diana

  4. Super, super cute!!! You are so darn creative! Even with all of those distractions!

  5. That project was very well done. I hear you about hating to sew "tiny" things. It is a good way to work on the virtue of patience I've found. You did a great job! Thanks for sharing such a cute project.

    1. And patience is something I'm lacking! I suppose we need to test our weaknesses every now and again. :)

  6. Omg Mindy, sooooo flipping cute!

  7. Insanely adorable, totally doing this.

  8. This is so cute! I bought the exact same tea set for my Granddaughter and she plays with it all the time.

  9. The teabags and napkins are darling, and so are your helpers.

  10. I love these little tea bags. What a cute tea set too! I really wish I knew how to sew. Your projects are awesome!


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