Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas In The Dining Room 2013

I know everyone is doing the full house tours right now, but I still have bins sitting in my living room, so that ain't gonna happen.  I do have the dining room decorated, though. I was gonna put a tablecloth on the table for photos, but then I remembered, I hate to iron.

I haven't done a kitchen progress post in a while, but if you look close, you can see we got the trim around the tops of the cabinets installed.
We still need to fill nail holes, caulk gaps, and paint, but it's up there!

Here's everything all lit up at dinner time last night.
Yes, that's salad dressing.
And yes, my sewing machine is still sitting on the floor.
It's a real life pic.

I couldn't resist throwing in a picture of the dopey dog, so you get a sneak peak of the living room, too.

It officially looks like Santa threw up in every room.
Once I get the messes cleaned up and the bins back up to the attic, I'll take some pictures of the rest of the house.

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  1. It is just gorgeous!!!! I absolutely love it lady! You know the shot of everything all lit up just made me want to sit down right there at your table!! Your vignette on top of your glass hutch is amazing with the fan and the pops of red! And I always flip when I see your ceilings..gosh I want to do that in our space! A job well done indeed!!!

  2. I agree. I love your style of decorating for the holidays.

  3. I bet it was fun decorating after all of the remodel the past few months. It sure looks festive! I am not doing much decorating this season so it is really fun looking at everybody elses!

  4. Your decor is gorgeous and you have a lot of it!! Did you change your curtains in the living room too? If so, I like that idea, A LOT. I am going to do that too, seriously, in the same fabric. It is so festive!!

  5. What'chu talkin' 'bout? Everything looks absolutely gorgeous! I love all your white pitchers on that top shelf and putting the red balls in them is genius. Also, I love the poinsettia and the pot it's in. Your red curtains and your lovely kid photos on the walls. And the Rudolphs on the window too cute! You look to me like you're ready for Santa. I am inspired! Stay warm.

  6. It looks GREAT, Mindy. I love it and it is warm and welcoming. I did red again this year, too, and I am so glad I did. Love your kids' pictures, too. I have totes taken down one flight of steps but have one more flight to go- ugh- xo Diana

  7. Such pretty decorations for Christmas, Mindy--well done! I love how you've also included some vintage touches to your decor--I love the fan you included on top of the china cabinet, and I am completely taken with those pretty boxes on the wall hanging by the window--because of seeing this, at this moment I'm trying to figure out how to make some for myself and where to put them:)

  8. Just beautiful and cheery!! I hope you're loving your new kitchen!!!

  9. I love your house in Christmas !!! very nice decoration :)

  10. Hello,
    Your house is looking beautiful for Christmas! I love the decorations. Everything looks wonderful. Nice work!


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