Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas In The Living Room 2013

The living room finally stayed clean long enough for me to snap some pictures of the Christmas decorations.  I hosted Girl's Night at my house on Friday, so I threatened the kids with their lives. Amazingly, they did a pretty good job of not leaving a trail from one end of the house to the other.  Clearly, they want to live to see Christmas.

I generally put things in the same places every year, but since I rearranged the whole living room, and we no longer have a wall in the dining room, things got new homes this year.  Including the tree.  But I still had to put all my insulators on the mantle.  Having them all clumped together with lights under them is one of my favorite things.

I found a way to hide the fact that this frame still needs a photo.
Add kid crafts.  :)

Our tree has multi-colored lights this year.
I'm a white-light girl, but when we plugged the tree in, only half of them worked.
Same as last year.
Same as every damn year.
I HATE messing with Christmas lights!!!!
So after running to the store multiple times for different white LEDs to try, I conceded.
The Dad and The Kid really loved the colored lights, so colored lights is what they got.
At first I was certain you could probably see our tree from space.
But it's growing on me.

The colored LEDs are really hard to photograph, but they make for some pretty bokeh.  :)

Here's a look at the whole room.

My newborn hospital hat got a new home behind the couch this year.  

And here's everything lit up at night.

The Dog, watching for The Dad to come home from work.

Is that him?

That's him!

False alarm, it wasn't him.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merrrrrrry Christmas!
Back to Santa's Workshop I go.....

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  1. Your living room is so charming! What a decorative touch you have. And such a neat idea with the insulators. Love how the dogs position changes with each camera shot! You sure look ready for Christmas!

  2. It is beautiful friend!!!!! Where do I even start!!! I love your use of vintage bottles and jars topped and filled with ornaments!!! And I want that print you have framed!!! It is amazing as well as your little hat!!!! So glad you had girls night! Sounds like a blast! Love the colored lights by the way! You knocked it out of the park friend with your attention to detail and all of your pretty pieces!!!! Merry merry!!!

  3. Why oh why won't you let me move in. I don't take up a lot of space and I don't leave a mess trail behind me, though I will actively compete for your wine. Hmmm, your decorating style.

  4. OK,,, my FIL worked for the Power & Light Co. for nearly 45 yrs and he collected insulators. We have several boxes of them. So, I shared your insulator pics w/ my hubs and we took out some purple, clear and aqua insulators and used your idea. We have one aqua one that is nearly 10 inches tall and reminds me of a Christmas tree. That one is in the middle w/ the smaller ones surrounding it. We used white LED mini lights, and in about an hour I will be SO excited to see them lit up in the dusk. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!

    1. Boxes?! As in plural?! It makes my teeth hurt just thinkin' about it. And purple!!!! I may be a wee bit jealous. I've never even seen tall ones. What a great thing to dig them out and display them. I'm so glad you came by! I'd loooooove to see pictures of them all lit up. Merry Christmas!

    2. After that first night, I had to add the same thing to the dining room window. They are 2 bay windows, and in the evening it looks amazing!! I will have to take pics and send. From the outside it just looks like a soft glow peeking through. It is just beautiful on the inside. Yes, we still have many left over and used about 14 in each window. Again, I thank you SO MUCH for the idea!!!!! After Christmas we are thinking of putting about 8 of them up on the top of one set of our kitchen cabinets where we have an outlet built in so we can light them.

    3. Wow, I bet it's so pretty. And the kitchen idea sounds great! Now I wish we had open cabinets on the top! :)
      Do send pictures when you get them. I'm super excited to see them.

  5. It looks fabulous, Mindy! I can't help but remember your comment, though, when looking at your photos that you thought it looked like 'santa threw up all over your house." :)

    Um, glad to see it's much more beautiful than your description, lol!

  6. I love everything! But I especially love how you decorated your mantle and that sofa table! :) Merry Christmas to you my bloggy friend!

  7. Wow! That is one beautiful living room. Its a perfect Christmas wonderland. I love the mantel with the old electrical caps. What a fantastic idea. You have so many great design features everywhere...the antique bottles, the Christmas balls hanging from the curtain rods. It all looks so perfect. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much, Susan! Merry Christmas!

  8. Mindy, I love that green glass Christmas tree by your glass bottles!

  9. Gorgeous, Mindy! I love the insulators with lights under, and the ornaments hung from the curtain rods--with the red curtains that is just perfection. This whole room just looks so amazing--I can see why the kids were good for you :)

  10. I still can't get over how nice the red curtains look to really bring out the reds. And with the ornaments hanging from the curtain rod, so cool. The insulators are the BEST! Every little detail is just exquisite. So much talent!

  11. Your living room looks so nice and festive and cozy! I love this space, and I love how it's decorated.

  12. your home look very cozy ! I love all your christmas decorations goog job ! you can see my christmas decoration in my blog !

    Merry Christmas !

    1. Thank you so much, Veronica. I'll pop by to check out yours!

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