Monday, June 30, 2014

Life Snippets #11

This is gonna be a photo heavy post.  I have a lot of pictures to purge.

The kids wanted to have a fire in the afternoon the weekend before last.  It was hot out, but they didn't care.  They roasted marshmallows, got all sticky, and loved every second of it.

Yes, I know Baby's hair is a train wreck.
It's cute when she'll let me fix it.

While we're in kid mode, these are photos my mom took while The Dad and I were in Arizona.
Clearly they really missed us.

The kids were still in school, so there was a lot of Grammy and Baby time during the day.

On the weekend, they all loaded up and drove to Hood River to visit my aunt.
Slip n' Slides and tractor rides galore.
And hot dogs and ice cream, of course.

She also got evidence of what I've known for years.

These are from Mother's Day, old news in the world of blogging, but I figured I'd throw 'em in anyway.
My mom, step-dad, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew all came over for mimosas and donuts.  
Totally low-key morning/afternoon.
And this shows what it looks like to have five kids in the immediate family.
The facial expressions on the moms are priceless.

Am I considering whether or not to eat that last bite of donut?
Clearly you jest.
I have no clue.
My sister looks like she's about to yell at a kid.

Opening presents made by the kiddos, with help from Grammy.

Pure chaos.
And I'm not even phased.

Baby, trying on aunties shoes.

Snuggle time with Daddy.

My mom forcing us to take a picture.

My sister's gonna love me for this one.

The kids must have been in the house for this one.
We all look a wee bit more relaxed.
Could'a been the Champagne.

The Dad got my window box built for under the kitchen window out front.
The Girl helped sand, fill nail holes, and paint it.

 A couple days later, he added trim to the top and brackets to hang it.
It's up and filled, but I still need to fill holes and do some paint touch up before its photo opp.

What else?
More dopey Baby pics.

The kids had swim lessons in the evening the week before last.
The Dad took them while I got dinner ready every night.
Table's set and waiting....

And last, I caved.
I bought a blow up pool.
Actually, The Kid and The Girl pooled (hahaha) their money and bought a blow up pool.
There was no way in hell I was lettin' 'em kill my lawn out back, so we went white trash-style and set it up in the driveway.
Ahhhh yeaaaaahhhhh.
I pulled some ghetto chairs out of the shed, threw some squirrel-chewed cushions on 'em, and it is now, officially, the new summer spot.
I just need a little table for my afternoon cocktails.
Ya know, if I was motivated enough to make afternoon cocktails.
It hasn't been over 65 degrees since they got it and they're still out there, getting every last penny's worth of their twenty dollars.

You're even gettin' a sneak peak of my new driveway veggie garden.
Cram 'em in where ya can.

Um, yeah, we still haven't put that new window in.
How long's it been now?
Let's not admit to the number of years, mmkay?

Totally worth being the eyesore on the street.
Yeah right, who am I kidding.
Our street is way more ghetto than a pool in the driveway.
So that's what's been goin' on at our house as of late.
Supposed to finally get some summer weather this week.

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