Thursday, June 12, 2014

Crab Boil Party

Hellllloooooo.  We're home!  We had an amazing time, but we're both glad to be on our own turf again.  We missed the kids, we missed our weather, and we (I) missed the perfection that is the Pacific Northwest. Green, green, and more green.  I don't know how people can live surrounded by nothin' but brown.  I'd literally go insane.  I'll share some pictures next week, but I thought I'd do this post first, since the party photos are from before we left.

My sister decided to do a surprise party for my brother-in-law's birthday this year, and she came up with the Crab Boil theme. The hitch in the plan was having the party at the same house that the birthday boy lives in. Ya can't really prep much.  So she dropped all the groceries at my house the day before and did small things that she could hide at home.  But other than that, we busted everything out in three hours.  The Dad and the brother-in-law went golfing and we got to work doing all the food, decorating, and set up.

For appetizers, she did a cheese platter, meats, pate, bread, mixed nuts, olives, and veggies with hummus.

For drinks, she made a pitcher of Vodka Lemonade with lemons and mint.
She also had sparkling water, sparkling juice, beer, and wine.

His step-sister was assigned the blackboard and it turned out really cute.

For flowers, she had mason jars ready to go and I cut flowers and greens from the yard to fill them.
The place mats were cut out of paper bags and the place cards were made from lemons and leaves.
I hauled all my old-fashioned tablecloths over and my mom donated a giant roll of wax-backed freezer paper to go down the middle of the tables.
Rolls of paper towels went into terra cotta pots.
The tables looked so pretty.

She had cloth napkins and clothespins for bibs.

For dinner, she had found a crab boil recipe that incorporated more veggies than what you typically see, which I was super stoked about, not being a seafood fan.
In addition to crab and shrimp, there was sausage, corn on the cob, artichokes, celery, red potatoes, asparagus, lemons, green onions and garlic.
Everything went in pretty much whole.
The artichokes and garlic were my favorite.
She also had huge chunks of baguettes on the table, as well as melted butter and a spicy garlic-vinegar concoction.
I ate my weight, at least.

My cousin and his wife brought the whole set up for cooking.

Check out this spread.

Insane, right?
And once the sun went down, the lights were so pretty.

For dessert, my sister asked me to make the Cheesecake In A Jar recipe.
I did both the chocolate and the plain, and then she had macaroons, berries, and salted caramel to go on top.
If you haven't tried the recipe yet, you should probably hurry up and get on that.

And there ya have it.
A surprise birthday Crab Boil that you can pull off in under three hours.

Tomorrow is the last day of school.
We will be celebrating house party-style with The Mom Club (and husbands and kids) with dinner and drinks.
And I'm bringin' my newly discovered shot.
I'm not a hard liquor girl, and I'm definitely not a shot girl, but this one just may be the best thing I've ever had.
At least it was when it was 112 degrees on vacation.
If it still tastes as good as I remember it, I'll share next week.

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  1. Wow!! What a fantastic party!! Everything looked fabulous!!

  2. SO glad that it all went well friend!!!! I missed seeing your posts when you were gone! And I am with you on the brown! This party is spot made me happy to see everything you all made and created! Just ABSOLUTELY BEYOND stunning!!! I am off to pin it right both deserve an award for rocking this out so quickly! AMAZING!!! Happy last day to your crew! Nicole xoxo

  3. Your sister and you outdid yourselves. WOW!!!! What a wonderful, wonderful party! I would have loved to attended that one and although I am not big on seafood I LOVE crab!!!

    Be careful with those shots- I don't want to see you on the evening news for "naked lady last day of school dance" xo Diana

  4. Perfection! You and your sister are artists.


  5. Looks like a fun party! You all put together a nice bash! I wish I liked seafood but I'm not fond of it. Where did you go on the vacation? I don't remember your mentioning it. All brown…hmmm…Texas? XO, Liz

  6. I have done a wee bit of traveling here and there and we are always so thankful to have a beautiful place to call home. Your party looks like it was jammin'. I love all of the deets like the washtub and the flowers and the appetizers. Ladies, you know how to party!!

  7. The quintessential Pacific Northwest meal--it all looks beautiful and I am sure tasted fabulous--I am drooling all over my desk now!

  8. Fabulous. You all are so creative. I love it. Me, I would have ordered Papa Murphy's pizza and thrown down a roll of paper towels down and called it good. (Even if it wasn't.)


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