Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jewel Frittata + Father's Day + The Latest Meal Plan

Father's Day for us this year was super laid back.  As of the day before, I didn't have a clue what we were gonna do.  I talked to my sister and asked what they were doing.  She said nothin' and asked what we were doing.  Nothin'.  So she asked if I wanted to join forces.  Okay.  I had a ham in the freezer that we bought on sale during Easter.  I had farm fresh eggs from one of my sister's co-workers.  I had a bag of potatoes. She had a hunk of goat cheese at her house.  Add some fruit and croissants and you've got brunch.

Our farmer's market opened on the first of this month, and because we've been gone, we haven't had the chance to go yet. So the five of us headed over Sunday morning to start our Father's Day festivities.  Can I just say how much I love the farmer's market?  I LOVE the farmer's market.  I picked up a few things to go with our meal, plus some other things for the week.

First, we discovered a new little piece of heaven.  A pineapple version of hard cider.  Um, this stuff is AMAZING.  Beyond amazing.  If you see it, grab it and run.  It's meant to be mixed with Mexican beer, but we had it with Champagne.  Ummmm, DELICIOUS.  I have Pineapple Mint in the garden, so we put that and a fresh piece of pineapple in our glasses.  Did I mention delicious?

We will definitely be pickin' up a couple more bottles next Sunday for our 4th of July Rock Farm trip.
Mexican beer, Tepache, and lime?
Yes please.
I think we may try it in mixed drinks, too.

We also whipped up some Bloody Mary's for the dads.
Okay, I started with one of those, too.

And here's the rest of our brunch:

I picked up a jar of Tayberry (I had never heard of it and it's AMAZING) jam at the market to go with the croissants and goat cheese.
I also had some macerated strawberries in the fridge.

Watermelon and pineapple from the Asian market by our house.

My sister photo bombing.

Purdy flowers for the table.

I used this recipe:  Jewel Fritatta.
I'm not an egg eater, but everyone voted it really good.
I followed the recipe, but instead of cheddar, I used Trader Joe's Toscano with Black Pepper.
That cheese is some seriously good stuff.
I got to use the first fresh basil from the garden, too.

Frittata's are seriously so easy.
Breakfast for dinner, anyone?

(That was for you, Danny.)

I roasted the taters in the oven and finished them up with cheddar.
Mmmm, cheesy potatoes.

Here's brunch on my plate:

The orange drops on my taters is another new farmer's market find.
Organic orange hot sauce.
It's goooood.
Next week we're gonna get the green one.

Super easy, last-minute way to celebrate the dads.
And yes, I failed at people pictures.

Now that we've been home for a week, I've re-acclimated to my life and figured I had best get some sort of meal plan together so we didn't starve.
I got lucky 'cause two of the meals I made for my parents while we were gone are still in the freezer.
They only ate half a pan of enchiladas, so she stuck them back in the freezer.
Also, I had two bags of the Coconut Chicken in the freezer and they only ate one.
So this is what's on the food agenda for the coming week:

* Oven-Baked Berry Pancake, Leftover Jewel Frittata, Leftover Ham, and another batch of Cheesy Potatoes
* Enchiladas and Edamame Quinoa Salad 
* Whole Baked Trout With Cherry Tomatoes & Potatoes and Shaved Rhubarb Salad
* Hawaiian Chicken, White Rice, and Green Beans
* Tortellini With Garlic & Scapes (similar to this recipe), Caesar Salad, and Bread

You can find most of the recipes on my Pinterest boards, if anyone is interested.
I'll post 'em all if they're any good.

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  1. I love bloody Marys, which reminds me that I have some mix in my fridge and I need to mix it. I also love fritattas but I also do not eat eggs. Farmers' market is one of my favorite summer time activities. There are these dollar tamales that my kids and I love. Your market looks like it has a lot of artisans. You and your sister put together some amazing meals.

  2. Yum! My friend Carol used to grow tayberries and I'm telling you they were fabulous! I bet that jam was to-die-for. The whole meal, in fact. I'm now officially hungry.

  3. What a gorgeous meal and table setting, Mindy--I love all the turquoise and white, with the yellow--so pretty! And what a great meal--the pineapple cider we will look for, and you got some good stuff at the farmers' market, too--they often have interesting meal accompaniments.


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