Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Second Week Of June In The Front Yard

How is it the end of the week already?  With all three kids at home all day long, it went by in a bit of a blur.

Up first, my lilies from The Dad were blooming when we got home last week.
The color is so rich and pretty, which actually makes them really hard (for me) to photograph.  

I need to staple the name of this one to my forehead.
My brain refuses to remember it.
Oxalis-somethin' or other.

This plant was new to me last year and now I'm convinced I need one of every color.
'Thunder & Lightning' Knautia.

One of the Sedum in my wagon is blooming.

This plant isn't very attractive.
I've never had one grow like this before.
It's super floppy and gangly, but the flowers are a really pretty color.
'Sour Grapes' Penstemon.

Another piece of the Veronica spicata, 'Royal Candles' is out front.

Here's a shot of the south side from the front.
The hops is giant already.

The pot of Impatiens under the tree is fillin' in.

Outside the fence, a Feverfew has made its home.
That stuff comes up everywhere.

Down in the parking strip, my clearance rack Delphinium is blooming.
It is SO pretty.
This one is 'Magic Fountains Dark Blue/Dark Bee.'
Don't ask me why it looks a different color in every photo.
Oh wait, I know why, amateur photographer.

Another one of my favorites is the yellow Cape Fuchsia.
I have two photos from last year, blown up and framed, and hanging in our master bathroom.
So pretty.
I think I need to get a pink one again.

The first Cosmos flower opened.
This one is 'Sensation Purity.'

And last, the Penstemon digitalis is bloomin'.
This one is 'Husker Red.'

The sun is finally out today.
Pouring down rain for the first two days of summer vacation was enough to make a person crazy.
Three kids locked in a house is not the greatest of times.
But we're back to good weather and I've already been out with my camera.  :)

Shameless plug alert:  
Just a little reminder that you can purchase my floral photographs in my Etsy shop.
If you see one in a post that isn't in the shop, shoot me an email and I'll list it for ya.

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  1. That Delphinium is amazing! The color and fullness really are striking! As are those lilies! I am really drawn to that deep red and actually just picked up some day lilies in that color. It adds such a brilliant contrast in your garden! How beautiful is your garden lovely lady! It has been raining like nuts here too! Happy summer! Nicole xoxo

  2. You your lilies are so pretty. I try to grow them and have to battle the deer who think they are candy. I do much better with penstemons and have fallen in love with them. I had a battle with the cape fuchsia and knautia both spreading all over the place. I do have a pretty cape fuchsia now but have it contained in a pot to control it. You have such a pretty garden - I love how the hops glow in the sunlight. I'll bet you are glad to be back and enjoy it.

  3. The knautia is lovely, as is the cape fuschia. I have a dark pink one called 'Sensation,' and some years the winter knocks it all the way back and it doesn't bloom, and some years it blooms for me--not sure yet which way it's going to go this year! And I am a sucker for delphiniums--that blue one is gorgeous.

  4. I don't think I've ever seen a red lily before - as you know, I'm quite the botanist so you'd never believe that, right?!? They're simply sublime, as always!

  5. Wow!! More gorgeous garden photos! Your Cosmos flower is so pretty. I planted a pot of them this year and I love them!

  6. Your gardens are so incredibly beautiful and lush!
    I love lilies, and have never seen one that color . . . wow!
    I smiled when I saw the impatiens planted among the fern . . . reminds me of my late grandma. They were her favorite flowers :0)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Mindy!

  7. Okay I know the species name for the Oxalis... but I'm not going to tell you because I am always a Miss Know-it-all, aren't I? People like me can be so annoying. Funny thing is when people come to my garden and ask about a plant, I go completely brain dead and can't remember a thing. Weird how that works. Anywho, such pretty photos. That red lily is to die for and the variegated knautia... dang. Every time I see it in someone's garden, I kick myself for not buying it when I had the chance years ago. The photo of the hops on the pergola with the gate, really special. And now here it is July. Sheesh!


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