Monday, April 30, 2012

Mini Frittatas

I've had eggs on the brain.  Which isn't typical for someone who doesn't eat them.  I had a couple conversations about frittatas with my mom last week and then I realized I had some eggs that needed to be used, so I decided to make one for breakfast this weekend. 

I remembered pinning some minis, so I looked them up on my breakfast board.  It wasn't necessarily a recipe, but more of a guideline. I needed to know how many eggs to use and how long to bake them.

I ended up using 8 eggs and 1/2 cup of milk for 12 minis.  Make sure you grease your muffin pan really well.  Whisk your eggs and milk together and season them up with salt and pepper.  Evenly distribute them into the muffin pan and then add whatever you want.  Anything you'd put in an omelet. 

I used mushrooms, red bell pepper, bacon bits and cheese in six of  them and then just cheese and bacon bits in the other six.  You could use any veggies, spinach, green onion, leftover cooked potatoes, ham, chorizo, bacon, sausage, leftover steak, whatever.  Throw it in - just make sure you dice it up good.  Or alternatively, saute up the goodies first if you're worried about them not being cooked enough for your liking.  That dirties up another pan though, so I went with the small pieces. 

Once you get all the goodies in, if you're using cheese, sprinkle it on top.

Bake them at 350 for about 20 minutes.

Easy peasy.
Seriously - less than 10 minutes prep, including the chopping.  
They got two thumbs up from the egg eaters in my house.  I'll probably be doing these every weekend now.  It's a great way to use up leftovers or veggies and herbs that are on the verge of going bad.  
Plus, during the week, I can just pop them in the microwave for a quick breakfast for the kids.  
Or, The Dad just grabbed two to go straight from the fridge this morning.
Definitely a keeper.
I wish I liked eggs!

Friday, April 27, 2012

More Plants

If you were around last year, my endless plant posts may make it seem as though I'm living on a large piece of property.  I'm on a standard 50 by 100 lot.  I cram in as much as humanly possible in the small amount of space that I have.

So far this season, my garden posts have been mainly closeups.  The past week's sun and rain mix has made everything spring up like wildfire, so I thought I'd post a few pics of my favorite spots right now.

The north side of our backyard has a patio that butts right up against the back of the garage.  Our bedroom door opens up onto it.  Adjacent to that, two steps up, is the deck.  Up against the deck is a flower bed that continues to the back of the lot.  The tree that was there got sick, so we took it out.  All the plants that thrived under the tree aren't big fans of full sun, so I'm slowly moving them out and will replace them with plants that appreciate getting cooked.

Here it is as of now:

The other spot that's filling in like crazy is on the south side, up against the fence.
I've got a Nelly Moser clematis and Sunset clematis there, some hostas, Solomon's seal, ferns, wood hyacinth, and lady's mantle.

And here are some more random shots of other things that are blooming now.

Blue and white wood hyacinth.

Happy violets.  
They're naughty, but I just rip them out when they show up in unwanted places.

Choke cherry.

White and pink bleeding heart.

This geranium I've had for years.  It's lavender.
Last year, I divided it. 
I just noticed one of the pieces I transplanted is blooming.
It's not lavender.  It's cocaine white.

I only have one clump of tulips.
I know, it's sad isn't it?

This is the climbing hydrangea I planted two years ago in an attempt to partially disguise the ugly shed.
It's slow going in the growth department.

Both our blueberry plants are loaded with flowers.
I may actually get one this year before the two little monsters eat them all.

And last, the strip along the front fence has changed in color since I last posted a picture of it.
The white aubretia is waning, but the yellow ??? is blooming it's little heart out.

It's family movie night again.  Wow, how is it Friday already?
Speaking of which, The Kid wanted hot lunch at school today and Miss Laney didn't care much for being set down all day, so that's why there was no silly kid lunch post.
We're supposed to get some dry weather the next couple days, so you can probably guess where I'll be.
Have a good weekend!

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