Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Word Up Wednesday #3

Okay, so week one I gave a shout out to moms.  Week two was housewives.  Clearly, the next installment should be alcohol, no?  Let's face it, unless you don't drink for personal reasons, if you fall into one or both of the other two categories, you're sipping on a cocktail, or some sort of libation, just to keep yourself sane.  My drink of choice would be the almighty red wine.

Here we go:

 via Mindy on Pinterest

S via Mindy on Pinterest

 via Mindy on Pinterest


  1. L.O.L!!! These crack me up! you know I don't drink anymore, but god, I still fully appreciate these! i have NEVER thrown a bunch of glass bottles into the trash rather than the recycle to hid them from the neighbors. and by never i mean more times than i can count using the fingers god gave me. :P

  2. I pause slightly to wonder what the garbage man will think of all those bottles, then I rearrange the coke cans and feel at peace. :) I love these (so much).

  3. Funny! "no, that's wine, wine does that.." cracked me up! (came from finding the funnies)


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