Friday, April 27, 2012

More Plants

If you were around last year, my endless plant posts may make it seem as though I'm living on a large piece of property.  I'm on a standard 50 by 100 lot.  I cram in as much as humanly possible in the small amount of space that I have.

So far this season, my garden posts have been mainly closeups.  The past week's sun and rain mix has made everything spring up like wildfire, so I thought I'd post a few pics of my favorite spots right now.

The north side of our backyard has a patio that butts right up against the back of the garage.  Our bedroom door opens up onto it.  Adjacent to that, two steps up, is the deck.  Up against the deck is a flower bed that continues to the back of the lot.  The tree that was there got sick, so we took it out.  All the plants that thrived under the tree aren't big fans of full sun, so I'm slowly moving them out and will replace them with plants that appreciate getting cooked.

Here it is as of now:

The other spot that's filling in like crazy is on the south side, up against the fence.
I've got a Nelly Moser clematis and Sunset clematis there, some hostas, Solomon's seal, ferns, wood hyacinth, and lady's mantle.

And here are some more random shots of other things that are blooming now.

Blue and white wood hyacinth.

Happy violets.  
They're naughty, but I just rip them out when they show up in unwanted places.

Choke cherry.

White and pink bleeding heart.

This geranium I've had for years.  It's lavender.
Last year, I divided it. 
I just noticed one of the pieces I transplanted is blooming.
It's not lavender.  It's cocaine white.

I only have one clump of tulips.
I know, it's sad isn't it?

This is the climbing hydrangea I planted two years ago in an attempt to partially disguise the ugly shed.
It's slow going in the growth department.

Both our blueberry plants are loaded with flowers.
I may actually get one this year before the two little monsters eat them all.

And last, the strip along the front fence has changed in color since I last posted a picture of it.
The white aubretia is waning, but the yellow ??? is blooming it's little heart out.

It's family movie night again.  Wow, how is it Friday already?
Speaking of which, The Kid wanted hot lunch at school today and Miss Laney didn't care much for being set down all day, so that's why there was no silly kid lunch post.
We're supposed to get some dry weather the next couple days, so you can probably guess where I'll be.
Have a good weekend!


  1. I tried to make a garden like this at our old house and it always just looked messy. I don't know what I did wrong. I was going for English cottage garden, was more like English subway or something equally unattractive. This house, we still just have the bones (shrubs and trees) and it is a little depressing compared to your beauty. I love that beautiful fresh green of the leaves that only happens in the summer. So pretty. Please come here, I'll hold Laney, and you can revamp my garden. :)

  2. Your garden never ceases to amaze me. It doesn't seem like that long ago that it was covered with snow. Now, it's simply beautiful with blooms everywhere. And another thing...where are the weeds? Do you have weeds up there? I could send you some if you want. I have plenty. Somethings not right with that, just sayin'

  3. Your garden is quite beautiful. Private, serene and inviting. I love your choice of plants as well. Excellent job.

  4. Hi Mindy, your garden is awesome. So beautiful to look at. Mine never gets that green.

  5. Your garden is amazing! And these are gorgeous pictures!!

  6. It's so beautiful! I love the bleeding heart and hosta. I'm learning to really truly love shade plants (been forced into it, actually, because of my shady lot). The are just stunning in your garden!

  7. I love the yellow foliage interspersed with the greens in the top photo--it makes the whole garden bed smile! Your flowers are beautiful, and the raindrops on the green leaves--love!

  8. Gorgeous garden!! Can't wait to see how it develops over the year.

  9. Great plant selection - a real eye for color and form. And oh, I do love your "Garden Art" especially the green window frame. Very cool!

  10. "Cocaine white." I'm still laughing at that one! You're funny as well as talented. Your garden is fabulous. I have the Solomon's Seal too. I love it. That gold/yellow flower, I used to call 'Gold Dust Alysum' but it goes by something else now, I forget. I have very few tulips in my garden too. It's so hard to find bare spots to tuck in bulbs. Especially in the fall when all the plants are sprawling all over. Love your rusty artifact out there among your plants. Way cool!

  11. Please link up to Fishtail Cottage's garden party - love that yellow & love all the shades of green in your garden...just all so lovely!!! Hope to see you (& hope you enter the giveaway too)! xoxo, tracie

  12. GORGEOUS pics!!! You have lovely plants and such a wonderful selection:)Great job! Stop over and see whats blooming in my neck of the woods:) Deidre~

  13. I love all these pictures!!! That yellow plant is just gorgeous! What kind of camera do you have? The pictures are so bright and clear!


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