Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Muslin-Lined Cloth Napkins

Family members, please move along.
No reading beyond this point.

I've got another sewing project for ya today.
I didn't take any progress pics, 'cause I figured it was pretty self-explanatory.

Muslin-Lined Cloth Napkins.
The measuring and cutting is a wee bit time-consuming, but they're super easy, even for someone who struggles to sew in a straight line.

I just used quilter's cotton fabric.
It's pretty reasonably priced, especially if you have a coupon, or it's on sale.
The back side is standard muslin.

You can make them any size you want.
I cut mine, front and back pieces, into 17-inch squares.

Pin your fabric, right sides together, then sew all the way around, using a 1/4-inch seam allowance.
I'm learning as I go with this whole sewing thing, and I definitely learn something new every time.
Make sure you backstitch when you start and finish, plus I did that to all the corners this time.
Leave an opening of about 3-inches along one of the sides, to turn them right side out.

Iron them again (don't skip this step, it makes a big difference), set your sewing machine to do the longest stitch, then top-sew all around the edges again with 1/4-inch seam allowance, making sure you catch the open part.

I made two sets of eight.
Four of each pattern in each set.

The fabric options are endless.
You could make sets of four to go with baked goodies as hostess, teacher, or neighbor gifts.
Or wrap a bottle of wine in a couple.
Or a six-pack of  beer.

The hardest part was choosing the fabrics to go with the recipients!
Super fun though, I think.
I love me some cloth napkins.

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  1. Man do I need to learn to sew!!!!!! SO amazing what you are able to create for your family! How blessed they are to have gifts like these from you! Thank you for inspiring me with these gorgeous napkins and pillows to get my butt over to the fabric store to take a class! Truly Inspiring!!!

  2. I need to learn how to sew too... good golly, those are cute. Your fabric choices are fabulous. And I love cloth napkins too. It is a very thoughtful gift as well. I can't wait to see your next post!

  3. Your family will LOVE those napkins. I love your choice of fabrics...they are fun! I once made a set of embroidered ones for a relative for Christmas and they were gorgeous-but not as "fun" as yours! Great job! xo Diana

  4. Those are nothing short of fabulous! Love the patterns. Um, can you adopt me into your family...:0D

  5. Ok, how cool! I hadn't thought of a lined napkin before but that is so perfect. They would be so great to wrap up some Christmas goodies in too! My head is spinning right now thinking of all the people I want to make these for :) Pinning!

  6. Love the fabric choices. Very pretty.

  7. Very pretty, and what a great idea! Love the colors and patterns you picked out! I need to get my sewing machine going! Pinning this also!

  8. I strongly suggest washing the fabric first - muslin can't be relied upon not to shrink. I would pre-wash both fabrics. This way they will always lay flat whether line or machine dried!! Have fun.

  9. I have had lined napkins curl because the fabrics shrank at different rates even though I prewashed them. Prewash twice! or three times! before cutting and sewing. If this makes them look limp and faded, you didn't want that fabric for your nice gift napkins anyhow.

  10. If your original seam was 1/4 inch, your top stitching should be more narrow. The top stitching should always be more narrow than the original seam. If not, the opening will not stay in place.


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