Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving In The Hood 2013

I got a little ahead of myself with the Christmas posts and forgot all about our Thanksgiving pictures.  I'm sure you're over it now, too, but I've gotta get them on the old blog, or no one will ever see them again.

We spend Thanksgiving at my aunt's house in Hood River every year.  This is our day in photos.

About 40 seconds after walking through the door, my step-dad asked the dads (The Dad and The BIL) what they were doing the next day.
They both answered, planted in front of the TV, watching The Ducks game.
He then proceeded to hand them tickets to the Civil War game in Eugene.
Spoiled brats.

We won, by the way.
Go Ducks.

Here's a gander around the table and the house.

I didn't take pictures of all the food.
'Cause, ya know, I was busy eating it.

Here's Tom.

The Dad is the official Potato Masher every year.

These are some of the goodies that were on the table, prior to me shoving my face.

There was some hardcore Monopoly happening.

After dinner kid program.

My niece.

A twirling baby.

My aunt was babysitting a dog and I couldn't stop taking pictures of him.
He was SO cute.
Meet Ranger.

The view outside.

And, finally, my mom's forced family photo.


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  1. OMG! I use to have that Mickey Mouse spoon and Pluto fork!!!!

  2. Looks like one grand party. Love the details on the table settings. Classy. And yeah, that dog is too cute!

  3. God Bless your mom for the forced photos! Those are so great to have to look back on! I am loving the Monopoly playing and your sweet girls in those photos! And why do I live where I live!?!?! Those views are beyond surreal! My goodness...just heaven!!! I would go there for Thanksgiving any day!!!

  4. Beautiful! I love the wine glass upside down with the candle on top and pretty stuff inside on top of the mirror--what a great idea!

  5. I always wish I was there when I see your photos. I can't believe how big The Baby is getting,...crazy. Seems like you were just pregnant


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