Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas In The Kitchen 2013

Okay, so let's pretend the kitchen remodel is completely done, I've done the big reveal, and now it's decorated for Christmas in all its perfection, okay?

Just humor me and try to ignore the things that aren't finished.

Do you ever come across something that you just can't stop taking pictures of?

I know, but they're so pretty.

This bowl of nuts is ALWAYS on the counter.
The kids munch away whenever they get a cravin'.

I really wanted to have my shelves back up on the soffit by now, but there's just too much going on.
'Tis the season.

The chalkboard door got a Christmas makeover.

And boy is it.
Record lows.
The poor dad spent the better half of yesterday, wrapped like a mummy, on his belly, under our house in the crawlspace, with a head lamp and a heat gun, trying to defrost our kitchen pipes.
Good times.
He got them running again, but the cold water was frozen again this morning.
I think we'll just wait for it thaw out by itself.
Supposed to start getting warmer tomorrow.
Poor guy.

Yes, that's a Santa curtain on the back door.

And last, I had to attempt a picture of the new cabinet lighting.
It's way more fun in real life than I'm capable of capturing in photos.
It'll be even better when there's an actual backsplash.
And cover plates for the outlets!  :)

Are you done shopping yet?
I think I finished up this weekend.
I'll need to do a final inventory, just to make sure.
I've got more DIY gifts to share this week, so get your crafty pants on.

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  1. It is looking like Christmas at your house, Mindy! I love all your sweet pictures-especially your chalkboard message. At one of our houses we had to put one of those pipe wrapped heat things on that you plugged in to keep the pipes from freezing. That is so annoying and you always worry about them bursting. xo Diana

  2. Oooh, I adore that kitchen of yours. I don't even understand when you meant by the shelves on the soffit so I clearly didn't miss them. The only thing I noticed was the light switch cover, lol. Looks great.

  3. Your kitchen is festive and absolutely pretty!!! I am so loving your chalkboard door! It looks perfect next to your little lit tree! Such a cozy and wonderful space you!!! And I am so jealous you are done....I have a good chunk left to do! Hope it warms up by you! Cold as all get up here too!!! A merry week to you!!

  4. Love that chalkboard door! I had wanted a frosted glass one for my pantry door, but now I want that! Not that I am any where close to having either, lol. Your kitchen is looking great for Christmas. I want to get out and get some Christmas greens but we are having that awful cold, sleet, and ice mess. Maybe if the sun ever comes out I'll feel like getting outside, even though it will still be cold.

  5. That's some mighty fine lettering on that chalkboard door! Love it all!!

  6. Your kitchen looks great! I love u shaped kitchens, they are the best for working. I have only lived in one house that had that shape and I still miss it!

    I have also been the one under the house warming up pipes. Not a fun job. Fingers crossed for a mild winter!

  7. Your new kitchen is a dream and as always, you have decorated it to perfection! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blackboard door. So much fun. Good luck with those pipes. We should thaw out by April!

  8. Your kitchen redo is so awesome! I love all of the little touches you have added to it. The Christmas curtains are so cute! Bummer on the pipes! We are headed to -10 tonight. That reminds me, I need to go open the kitchen cabinets below the sink.

  9. Your kitchen looks cute! I like your tomato filled colander and your chalkboard. If you leave the water running at the sink (about a pencil sized steam) it should help keep the pipes from freezing.

  10. Your kitchen is so beautiful, Mindy--I love the red and turquoise touches, and the simple greenery and red berries in the lovely vase and mason jars--I love simple things like that that look great!

  11. It is so bright and happy in there! I just love it!!! I want a chalk door now.

  12. I know you are so happy to have your kitchen back! It looks so great!

  13. It looks fabulous, so pretty and festive!! I'm so happy for you!!! Happy New Year.

  14. Cool! Everything seems to be going well, from the the order and the placement of the kitchen's components being where they are and following a very organic blueprint. The only thing that's ever going to hamper that are clogged drains and the faucets not doing what they should be doing, but I'm sure you've got that taken cared of as well. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

  15. Amazing! Your Christmas-themed kitchen looks lovely. I didn't even notice the things that aren't finished. Hahaha! You really did a great job in remodeling your kitchen, Mindy. Thanks for giving us a tour of it! Kudos and all the best to you!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing


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