Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Homemade Candy Cane Vodka Gift

I have a last-minute gift idea for ya today.  We had our annual Christmas gift exchange with out of town family over the weekend.  My mom hosts and her rule is, the gift you bring has to be homemade.  I'll do a post of the whole party, but I thought this might come in handy for anyone struggling to come up with a present for someone.

I can't take credit.  My sister busted this out.  Lucky for me, The Dad came home with it.  :)

So all  you need for Candy Cane Vodka is candy canes and vodka.  
Baffling, I know.  
Grind your candy canes up in a food processor until they turn to fine dust.  
Dump them in your vodka and, voila, there ya go.   

She also whipped up some hot chocolate mix and put some mini marshmallows in a jar to go with.  
Super cute.  Super festive.  Super easy.

Okay, back to the Christmas to-do list while Baby sleeps.....

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  1. Awesome stuff - a festive vodka kit!

  2. Awesome stuff - a festive vodka kit!

  3. These both look delicious, Mindy, and what a beautiful bright red for the vodka. I definitely like quick and easy right about now :)

  4. Great idea. So pretty and festive. And lucky you!


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