Sunday, December 29, 2013

DIY Flower Pillow

Family members be gone.
You are not allowed to scroll.
Close the window and walk away.

So our immediate family does the Christmas list thing.
We all make our wish lists and then pass them around.
This year, my sister added fun bed pillows to my three-year-old niece's list.
I always do at least one homemade present for my niece and nephew, so I figured pillows would be an easy one to DIY.

I knew I wanted to make a flower pillow, so I trolled my Pinterest boards and committed to one of the tutorials.
I dug through my fabric stash and then hit up Joann Fabrics for the rest.

For the full tutorial, go here:  Petal Pillow

Here it is coming together at my house:

You start by cutting out, what feels like a zillion, felt circles in two different sizes.
I bought the felt by the yard, opposed to the craft sheets, and was able to cut three layers at a time.
Then you cut all your circles in half.

Depending on the size of your pillow, and how big you want your finished flower, draw the appropriate sized circle in the center of your pillow fabric.
I used a salad plate.

Then you start sewing.
And sewing.
And sewing.
Are we there yet?

Not far now.

Phew, I made it.

It looked good like that, but I cut a small circle for the center and sewed it down.

And that's it.
You're done.
Oh wait, you still have a pillow to make.
I'm a super fan of the envelope pillow cover.
I've made zillions and they beat the heck out of fighting with a zipper.
Plus, you can take them off and wash them or change them out when you're tired of them.
I did a full tutorial here:  Super Simple Pillow Covers

Once you have your back pieces ready, you just pin right sides together and sew around the perimeter.
That's it.

Turn it right side out and pray your pillow fits.

Okay, it's a little snug.
Nothin' some velcro and a button can't fix.  :)

And voila, your pretty flower pillow is done.

Fun, right?
Perfect for a little girl.

I also tried out the felt dahlia that's all over Pinterest.
Um, that sucker sucked to make.
It may have been fine to just stick with the glue, but I wanted to sew it together to make sure it stayed in one piece.
It took forever.
But here it is.

I hand-stitched it on to another pillow cover.

I think I might be realizing that I sort of have a thing for owls.
This is the fabric I picked out for the back.

And just when you think the post is over.......
.....I made another one with pom poms.
'Cause.....pom poms.

Here they are as one big happy family.

And there ya go.
My first DIY Christmas present checked off the to-do list.

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  1. Oooh, love those flowers. Labour intensive though, lol.

  2. Rock star!!!! You are amazing and those flower still my heart!!! They are beyond gorgeous!!! You need to admit that you have mad talents!!!! My goodness...where is the etsy shop???????

  3. I had no idea you were so talented! The flower pillows are so cute ~ they are all so cute! Your niece will love them, I am sure of it!

  4. Brilliant my dear! Where's that Etsy shop again???

  5. Those are awesome - I'm so impressed - I think my favorite is the pink flower

  6. Mindy - those are super cute! Like, I actually want to get out my sewing machine and make one - and that is saying something.

  7. These are beautiful, Mindy. And I really like the velcro and pretty button detail--very nice!

  8. Are you kidding me? You make your own pillows? Ugh, I am such a slacker...
    They look gorgeous!

  9. Shut up. Shut up! They turned out awesome!!! Those flowers are killing me and I can't even imagine that dahlia. So much better than anything you could find in a store. She's going to be blown away!

  10. Hi Mindy,
    You are so talented. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those pillows. Your lucky niece! Thanks for sharing this great post. Now I have my imagination thinking about pillows for my new sofa...awesome!

    1. Awww, thank you so much, Susan. They look really, really cute in her bedroom. And new sofa? I'm sooooo jealous.


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