Monday, May 4, 2015

The Backyard: 5/3/15

My body is angry with me.  Every muscle in my back and shoulders is complaining.  I can only turn my head to the right a wee bit without shooting pain.  Ah, the joys of gardening.  We had a beautiful weekend and I was out in the yard every waking hour that I was allowed.

I snapped a few photos on Sunday as the sun was setting.  I'm going to start with my 'Oshikiri' Clematis, 'cause her two buds that I posted earlier are now open.  I am in love with her.

 I know I keep taking pictures of the new Foxglove, but there were a few of you out there who wanted to see how it turned out, compared to last year's "it" Foxglove.
I'd say it's kinda perfect.  I love it.

I got a piece of this Peony from our neighbor's yard, so I will name it after the woman who most likely planted it.
Diane's Peony.

This is another plant that I've already shared photos of, but I just couldn't help myself.
This Clematis is a sight to behold.
I wish you could see it in person.

The 'Sunset' Clematis has just started blooming.
I'll have to take pictures when the late afternoon sun isn't glaring down on it.

Speaking of late afternoon sun, it lights everything up so pretty.

Just one of the reasons for my sore body, a hand-edged lawn.
A butcher knife and edge clippers are my tools of choice.
Thankfully, I only have to do the knife part twice a year.
Totally worth it.

Another reason for the pain is my wild hair wielding of a sledge hammer.
I don't know if you remember noticing the concrete slab that stuck out into the lawn, or not.
Over the years, it has housed either a bench or pots.
Most recently, it housed the GIGANTIC grill for our large dinner party.
Last year, the big, long, wooden pot sat there all summer with a trellis and Black-Eyed-Susan Vine.
I've looked at it for 14 years, considering taking it out.  It was just weird.
Anyway, at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon, I swung the first blow.
There was a row of rocks, concreted in behind the pad, that lined up with the rock border that I had put in.
I busted those out first.
Then I put The Dad to work on the slab.
He swung, I dug and removed the broken up pieces.

I didn't have a plan.  I generally never do.  I just knew I wanted it out of there.
After removing all the concrete, I moved the rocks, that had originally been cemented together, forward to extend the boarder, and follow the curve of the lawn.

That's how it was left when it was time to make dinner and get kids ready for bed.
But I went to sleep last night certain that I would just extend the planting bed forward.
Bring in some dirt to level it all out and I'd have a spot for more new plants.  :)
Then, this morning I was out there staring at it, wondering how I could reuse the concrete around the yard somehow.
I stare at things for a long time.  It's how my brain works.
I walk around and look at it from all angles, look at other areas I can steal from to do what I want, etc.
I didn't go the planting route, but you're gonna have to wait to see what I did.
It's almost done, but I'll take pictures later this week when I get it completely finished.
I'll end with a few more sun setting photos.

Until next time....


  1. I want that foxglove! And your clematis...all of them...are gorgeous!!!! Like you I currently can't move...but mine are my wrists at that moment. Your flipping edge job up there is insane! A butcher knife eh??? Man! It is gorgeous and those rocks look so pretty lining that bed...what is that bright limey colored shrub you have in that bed?? You better post pics soon of the concrete....I know it is going to rock!!! Have a great week! Nicole xo

  2. Your yard is just perfect! I love all of your plants and flowers.

  3. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you ended up with. I do that "constructive staring" process too. That was an awful lot of work, no wonder you're sore.

  4. The huge clematis climbing the arbor is gorgeous. It is such a dramatic effect to see a plant take over like that. I have a rose that oshikiri would look perfect with and I might have to look into that one for my garden. That is a really pretty clematis. Your garden is looking gorgeous. And good for your for making a big change and I can't wait to see what you do with the concrete.

  5. Hi Mindy,
    This post was full of all kinds of beautiful! Wow is your yard looking great. I love clematis and yours are spectacular.


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